Detailed text transcripts for TV channel - CNN - 20110607:04:51:00 :

Detailed text transcripts for TV channel - CNN - 20110607:04:51:00

just backed off romney care, backed off trying to create some impression that this is completely different to the obama thing, then we could be more supportive. because the problem's going to come. and it's blindingly obvious what's going to happen. all the other republicans want to hammer obama over obamacare next year in the election campaign. how can they do that if you're the guy they're going to support? >> the great news is that when i finally debate president obama it will be wonderful because he won't be able to say i'm some heartless republican that doesn't care about people. he'll say i was the inspiration for what he did. and i'll say, mr. president, how come you didn't call? how come you didn't ask me about your plan? because it will not work. >> you don't have to talk -- >> it will bankrupt america. >> what republicans want you to do is express some regret over romneycare. >> piers -- >> do you have any? >> i point out that there are a number of things in the bill i didn't like. parts i vetoed. there are a number of things that are mistakes in the legislation, i'd change if i could.

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