Detailed text transcripts for TV channel - FOXNEWS - 20150929:02:18:00 :

Detailed text transcripts for TV channel - FOXNEWS - 20150929:02:18:00

do their work. they'll bring out a work product and bring to it the floor. it will have had a lot of advanced discussion. it will be adequately vetted. and then it will be brought to a vote on the floor. not come directly from the speaker's office, drafted by nonmembers of congress, and go straight to the floor for a vote without amendment. that is what we objected to when nancy pelosi was speaker. and unfortunately, that has not gone away since the republicans took over. we also want to have a strategy for at least debating our better ideas for obamacare, for border security, for spending and how we manage this unsustainable debt and deficit. even if we just had a debate, we could show the american people that we have better ideas. we don't even debate those things. >> congressman brat, let's talk about strategy for helping to choose the next speaker. you still have time.

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