Detailed text transcripts for TV channel - FOXNEWS - 20150929:05:50:00 :

Detailed text transcripts for TV channel - FOXNEWS - 20150929:05:50:00

>> it's like you have to be wounded in some ways, you have to be brought down. i say i was crushed to death by this. and what it did was it cracked my heart open, too. it really did. it made me compassionate for those who are really, really going through this. >> and the presidential campaign and the one therapy that actually worked for you, which is horses -- a great picture of the horse, by the way. >> go in on that one. that's a picture. that's my -- >> i like this one, too. but we'll go to that one. >> that one is great. my my horse darling. >> people were attacking you, oh, she's rich. oh, she has a horse. really? you're going to attack somebody? >> it was my therapy. about and i was an accidental discovery. i thought as i was getting ready sick i'll go back doing this before i won't be able to do anything else. they'll have to velcro me into the saddle. i got back on. and i forgot i was sick while i was on o. i got mr. energy. the horses are so generous.

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