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this is maricopa county, and just right now, three-quarters of the vote for maricopa county, which is well over half the state -- this is phoenix and the suburbs just all reported in, and joe biden is leading this by double digits, you see. this is biden, 42%. sanders 30%. >> hey, steve? something that often happens. i have to interrupt you, and that is for this. >> that's why. >> election alert from nbc news. we are projecting that when all the votes are counted in the state steve was just walking us through, in arizona, joe biden will indeed make it a clean sweep, 3 for 0 tonight and be declared the winner of the arizona democratic primary. steve kornacki, as you were saying. >> well, that was it. the decision desk was waiting on exactly what i was waiting on here. it was just a question of maricopa county. this is about 60% of the vote in the state of arizona. it is phoenix.

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