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Cyberpunk 2077 1.06 update: CD Projekt reveal big news in patch notes

“If it crosses 8 MB, my save file corrupts and becomes unloadable. I’m probably going to have to kiss this character goodbye because of this issue.”
“Crafting makes this issue happen very quickly if you craft way too many items. I used crafting to make money.”
Another added: “This was a problem in The Witcher 2 believe it or not. The size of your save folder dramatically increased your loading times and corrupted saves.”
The good news today is that this problem with big save files has been removed by CD Projekt, although it comes with the limitation that the problem can’t be removed.

Source : vimarsana

Detailed text transcripts for TV channel - CNN - 20190125:10:06:00

it differently. local people know who they are, where they go for groceries and everything else. i think what wilbur is probably trying to say is that they will work along. >> now, there are local credit unions who are reaching out to federal workers saying we can help you with low interest loans about that so i would encourage workers to do that. but some people are worried about their credit score, interest rates. 6% to 9%. and they don't know when they will get paid again. that is a real worry here. when will you start paying back that loan. also if you are talking air traffic controllers, border patrol agents, are we asking them to go like be scouring for personal finance help today? i mean they are working their job, it is not their problem. it should not be their problem. >> a political reporter had an interview with a federal worker who has $1.06 left in her bank account. starting today the u.s. will send asylum seekers back to

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