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appeal. whether or not the high court will hear it is another matter. one of his big appeal grounds as he says he is a journalist, this is an attack on freedom of speech. otherjournalists say he has not, because he put information into the public domain which disclosed the names of informants, so that is a different case, and that is why the us wants him, because that is classified information. we are going to have a very difficult few weeks waiting to find out what he will put before the high court, but even if he loses an appeal in the uk, he could still go to the european court of human rights, although its view on these kind of extradition is long settled, and it says that people like him can be sent to america, so his options are really narrowing. polite thank you very much. yesterday the bank of england warned inflation could rise to 11% this year. today you've been telling us about the impact the cost of living and rising prices are having on you. we asked 11,011 adults

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erupted tuesday killing 33 has erupted two more times. no injuries reported. nikkei down. hang seng down. dow jones futures 11,011. for more business news tune into fox business network. i'm mary and rafferty. now back to on -- marianne rafferty, now back to on the record. >> greta: jennifer griffin who you watched battle breast cancer is back and doing west she returned to jerusalem where she lived for eight years with a story to share with you. >> reporter: for years i covered other people's wars that is, until i had to fight my own. after a year of treatment, i returned to my old stomping grounds in jerusalem for they country's first breast cancer walk sponsored by

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