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those documents by 4 november, just a couple of weeks away. they also want him to testify under oath in person and have given a deadline of 14 november and right in between those two dates we have the mid—term elections, and that could be crucial in itself because if the republicans take control of the house of representatives, this committee will be disbanded and all of these issues will become moot points. in a few days' time, the uk will have a new prime minister, following the resignation of liz truss on thursday. penny mourdant, the leader of the house of commons, is the first conservative mp to say she wants the job. no other mp has yet declared an interest in being a candidate but both borisjohnson and the former chancellor rishi sunak have had nominations from other mps. sources have told the bbc that rishi sunak has received the backing of 100 mps to become conservative leader.

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