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The Windsors Inside the Royal Dynasty

with his royal palaces and his status. >> but there is one man who will exploit edward's desire for deference and status. >> hitler is saying, come to berlin. we'll treat you like royalty. we'll treat wallis like royalty. and it's too good an opportunity to pass up. >> berlin. a huge crowd greeted the duke and duchess of windsor. the purpose of the visit was to study social institutions and welfare. >> the nazi party lay out the red carpet for edward and wallis. they curtsied to her, and they treated her royally. >> by 1937, hitler has an appalling reputation for political persecution, the violence of the nazi party, and anti-semitism is rife in that country.

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The Windsors Inside the Royal Dynasty

camera, every single time i hear a click, it takes me straight back. >> prince harry and meghan markle just announced they are stepping back. >> to be 100% royal, you have to sacrifice privacy and personal happiness. >> i never thought that this would be easy. but i thought it would be fair. >> harry is making this decision because he can't cope with the life that they're living. spring, 1937. albert windsor, known as bertie, is woken bit sound of a military band practicing for his coronation. he is about to be crowned king george vi. a role he never wanted. his elder brother chose to give up the throne to marry a

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a mouthpiece, somewhat i would venture to say perhaps misrepresenting quite the way things are there is a dinner on sunday evening from members of the royal family and the head of state, the reason that prince harry and meghan were invited they were on the list because they were working royals which they chose to do, they chose to step back from the royal family they did not want this. there are other issues, meghan famously said on the oprah interview that titles don't matter and now unfortunately they really want the prince and princess titles for their children, there is also a lot of history behind that how they actually would automatically have those titles now that there in the regency act of 1937 during the direct line to the throne which before the father has now ascended, they would have that and supposedly they did not want the titles that remains to be seen how that actually holds. neil: you are amazing, i don't

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and their cousins to mount their vigil injust a moment and their cousins to mount their vigil in just a moment so let's go back to petroc in westminster hall. the orb and sceptre commissioned for the coronation of charles ii in 1661 sits on top of the covenant with the imperial state crown we made for the coronation of the queen's father in 1937 -- coronation of the queen's father in 1937 —— on top of the coffin. the blue stuart sapphire, the jewel thought to have been smuggled abroad byjames ii when he fled england only returned in the 19th century in the reign of george iv. a few of those filing into westminster hall now may have just picked up the fact that they are going to share their time here with the queen's

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go back to 1937. that's when we first started filling lake mead, and the level is basically the same. if the lake drops further to 950 feet, the dam no longer is able to produce hydro electric power. forget just a water crisis. then you have an energy crisis, too. there is a lot of reasons for the diminishing water supply. climate change is a big part of it. but you can't ignore the impact of growing population numbers. look at the cities served by the colorado river basin. some of the places in the sun and fun of san diego, vegas, denver, et cetera. look at these population gains. 1990 the area was over 16 million. now it is over 23 million. by 2025, we are looking at 25 million. so put it altogether. the rate of population growth continues as high as it is. we continue with this mega drought, we will have more

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record breaking temperatures of 114 degrees, and is now setting records this summer. if you had blanketed much of the country last month, and set more than 350 new daily high records, that is according to an away. all of this, leading to the nation's largest reserves to dry up in, the worst drought in the u.s., and 1200 years. the nation's largest reservoir in, lake mead, stands at 27% capacity. the lowest level since 1937. arizona, and nevada, under new water usage restrictions, the feds say, to avoid a catastrophic collapse of the colorado river. even snow melt, california's prime water, sources disappearing. last winter, state officials found that snow pack averaged 38% of the levels. meanwhile, extreme heat data is damning. the washington post found that 46% of americans are dealing

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much water lake mead has lost to a massive drought. lake mead is the country's largest reservoir and supplies water to millions of people. its water levels are at their lowest point since 1937. that is just after the lake was created by the hoover dam. here's another worrisome sight. this is the not-so-mighty rio grande near albuquerque, new mexico. high temps has caused water to drop. tlkd get much worse if there is not steady rain soon. well, it's likely president biden has the ba.5 variant of covid, but his doctor says he is continuing to improve. cnn's arlette saenz is following the latest developments at the white house. arlette, do you have an idea whether we're going to hear

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take caution, stay indoors, and checking on the most vulnerable. >> don't think you're invincible because of your age or fitness level. everybody could suck come to the heat. there's nobody who's immune. >> reporter: the heat has only compounded drought conditions out west. lake mead is at its lowest level since 1937. it's the source of water that millions across several states and tribal lands. compared to 2000, a recent photograph shows what may be the worst drought in nearly 12 centuries. the heat in the u.s. continues to be matched by deadly summer conditions overseas. authorities in spain estimated more than 510 heat-wave-related death this week. heat temperatures melted the roof of a museum in china. and covid workers are trying to keep from sweating in their suits. operations at a london airport

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authorities are asking people to take precautions, staying indoors, staying hydrated, avoid sun exposure, and check on the most vulnerable. >> don't think you're invincible because of your age or fitness level. anybody can succumb to the heat, nobody is immune. >> reporter: the heat has only impounded drought conditions out west. nasa satellite imagery showing lake mead at its lowest level since 1937. it's a source of water for states, tribal lands, and parts of mexico. the recent photograph from this year shows what may be the worst drought in 12 centuries. the extreme heat in the u.s. continues to be matched by deadly summer conditions overseas. authorities in spain estimated more than 510 heat wave related deaths this week. scorching temperatures melted the roof of a museum in central china. chinese state media showing covid workers desperately trying

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CNN Newsroom With Pamela Brown

texas, reporting its first heat-related death just this week of the year. and also in arizona, officials there are already tracking over 30 heat-related deaths since march. that's proof that this heat can kill. so officials are recommending that people not only take care of themselves, but ooemp. especially those that are elderly and the most vulnerable as temperatures feel like they're in the triple digits. pamela? >> very important message. polo sandoval, thank. new satellite images show just how much water lake mead in arizona and nevada have lost. the image on the left is from july of 2000. the image on the right is from this month. lake mead is the country's largest reservoir and supplies watered to millions of people in the west. its levels are at their lowest since 1937. that's just after the lake was created by the hoover dam. certainly alarming there. well, white house says that president biden's covid symptoms are improving. he has a sore throat, runny nose, body aches, and a loose cough and is using an inhaler a

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