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Nebraska high school state championships move to Lincoln

Everyone knows Memorial Stadium is the home of Husker football, but in 1996, it became the home of the Nebraska high school state championship.

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Lost voices: Ethnic diversity in the New Zealand Parliament will decline after the 2023 election

Since the dawn of the Mixed Member Proportional (MMP) voting system in 1996, New Zealand’s Parliament has become increasingly diverse. The 2020 election saw...

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Tupac Shakur killing investigation: Ex-gang leader pleads not guilty to 1996 shooting

A former Southern California street gang leader pleaded not guilty to murder in the 1996 killing of rap music icon Tupac Shakur in Las Vegas — a charge...

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Former high school mascot becomes first female Herbie Husker

Herbie is the pride and joy of the Cornhusker nation, and in 1996, a former high school mascot became the first female to don the red hat-wearing costume.

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South Omaha landmark went up in flames, after selling last keg

After brewing its last keg years prior, the old, vacant Falstaff Brewery building was hit by a fire.

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CNN News Central

dropped out of the race. bob dole, spent time on the campaign trail with him in 1996. he was using this version about a soul man called i'm a doleman. nice guy to be around. soul is not what you're thinking of at all. and the people behind the original song came back. and all jumped on this song, even though this song also is very specifically about problems with the unions. >> maybe one of the most misunderstood songs. so my question is, when the artists complain, do they win in court? >> sometimes. because they are saying the campaigns are like we're having the use issue. sometimes they will drop it and move on. other times they steam through and say we'll fight it off until we can't anymore. by the way, it does sometimes happen as democrats, bah rack

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Giuliani What Happened to Americas Mayor

extraordinarily positive press. but this is a mayor who, for reelection purposes, as well as whatever his post new york mayoral goals might have been, it was incredibly important to him that he get the credit for it. and that's where we began to butt heads. - after a while, bratton was getting too much credit. [dramatic music] ♪ ♪ - our budget kept getting strangled. we couldn't buy cars. ♪ ♪ in early 1996, "time" magazine wanted to do a feature story. they approached me about doing the photograph for it. - when the cover comes out and it's bratton all by himself, giuliani loses his mind. - and at one of the press conferences in police headquarters, one of the reporters held up the cover of the magazine to the mayor. "mr. mayor, what do you think of this?" and the mayor looked at it and says, "nice trench coat." ♪ ♪

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The Daily Global

fundamental rights, education, employment, freedom of movement. and now that they've taken away those rights, it seems like they're moving on to what really feels like intentional cruelty. banning women from parks and sport and beauty salons. and now vandermeer, which is really significant because it's one of the most beautiful places in afghanistan and one of the most beautiful places in the world. and the message seems to be that that that natural beauty is only for men. yeah, i mean, they've made it clear in the last two years, despite promises before their takeover, despite promises they made when they first came into power, i remember that first press conference that they held where they said women will be granted the right to an education. this won't be the 905. we won't repeat what happened when we first came to power in 1996. and in many ways, the world believed those promises. and yet these are more promises that they're breaking. well, you know, who never believed those promises is afghan women.

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the vessel has two windwings sails, which are designed to cut fuel consumption. the ship will travel from china to brazil to test how well the technology works. it's—a me, mario! hoo—hoo! nintendo have announced that charles martinet, the voice behind its famous character mario, is stepping down. he's been voicing the italian plumber since 1996. there are so many things on at the edinburgh festival that it is a fight to get audiences interested in your show. now, there are many tricks that you can use to get people's attention. colour, movements and an element of surprise tend to work best. well, shiona mccallum has beenjust down the road from here to a company that makes that kind of thing their living. visual communications dates back around 40,000 years, when the earliest civilisations used cave walls as canvases

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