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Transcripts For FOXNEWS Sunday Morning Futures With Maria Bartiromo 20240708

coming up texas governor greg abbott on sending a tenth bus filled with migrants right to joe biden s doorstep in washington, d.c. also, the king of this information lectures upon disinformation and censorship. the first amendment is a check of the power of the state. it does not apply for private companies like facebook or twitter and it s not necessary for people to believe misinformation in order to weaken democratic institutions. you just have to flood a countries public square with enough raw sewage. maria: prompter coming up the former director of national intelligence john ratcliffe on durham s findings and biden s dangerous iran deal. in the poorest of them all joe biden doubling down on the influence peddling cover-up. had the great pleasure of being listed for congress this year. i m still making a hell of a lot more money than anybody else because i was getting a salary. no kidding i didn t think you should make money while you re in office. maria: some f ....

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Transcripts for FOXNEWS Sunday Morning Futures With Maria Bartiromo 20240604 14:24:00

Lines i would refer you to the vice president s office on that. are you aware of the very public statements by the vice president that that sponsoring of the prosecutor general occurred in march of 20166 hours after the vice president told the president he needed to fire the prosecutor general or he would not receive $1 billion from the united states. do you recall that? yes. welcome back that was then congress john ratcliffe cross-examining former ambassador too ukraine back in november 2019. forcing her to admit that obama biden state department coached her. on how to answer on any questions that have come up about hunter biden s business affairs and the money he has taken before her senate confirmation hearing. i m back with john ratcliffe right now. connect the dots for us, you ....

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