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Downtown Rocks and Runs draws hundreds to Mount Airy

It was a humid and sticky affair in downtown Mount Airy Saturday morning as runners, walkers, and stroller-pushers congregated early for the 15th running of the…

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Former maintenance worker at The Davenport recalls earlier damage

A former on-site maintenance worker at 324 Main St. remembers dealing with building issues throughout his time there between 2016 and 2020.

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Employees raised concerns about collapsed Iowa apartments

A former maintenance worker and tenant of a partially collapsed Iowa apartment building said ongoing concerns about a crack in the building were brushed off.

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Iowa Building Collapse: As People Remain Missing, Demolition Is Put on Hold

Residents of Davenport, Iowa, protested plans to quickly remove the damaged building. Rescue workers pulled one resident to safety hours after officials said they were unaware of anyone still trapped.

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U.S. Air Force Tests ALQ-167 Angry Kitten ECM Pod On MQ-9 Reaper

The US Air Force is looking to expand the mission sets of the MQ-9, adding a new Electronic Attack capability thanks to the Angry Kitten pod.

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The Air Force has been testing the 'Angry Kitten'

The military's testing of the "Angry Kitten" has involved putting it on several airborne platforms, including a Reaper drone. Here's why.

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Fur-midable: US Air Force joins Angry Kitten jammer with Reaper drone

Angry Kitten’s name is a brew of inside joke and design goals, and is a departure from the typically terrifying military moniker, like Hellfire or Stryker.

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Fur-midable: US Air Force pairs Angry Kitten jammer with Reaper drone

Angry Kitten’s name is a brew of inside joke and design goals, and is a departure from the typically terrifying military moniker, like Hellfire or Stryker.

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Angry Kitten EW system gets thorough workout by U.S. Air Force - Military Embedded Systems

EGLIN AIR FORCE BASE, Fla.  The U.S. Air Force conducted an operational assessment of a new electronic countermeasures combat training pod -- dubbed "Angry Kitten" -- during 30 sorties over two weeks in April 2023.

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District faces pushback against potential San Francisco school district layoffs

San Francisco schools are looking at cutting staff to offset a severe budget crisis. While the district is set to vote on looking at reducing staff, the teachers union is demanding the district to not make any cuts, and instead are calling on the state to increase funding.

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