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Hello: Aaron Alexander

Sleeper from Belleville.
That’s literally all I knew about the Michigan linebacker when he suddenly became a top target. He visited with the rest of the Victors Weekend contingent and pledged the night of Juneteenth. That occurred with little fanfare, outside of a pocket of people extremely excited for the end of the bad old days of Michigan feuding with former Tom Wilcher assistant Jermain Crowell. This is the guy who built Belleville into one of the biggest suburban Detroit powers right on the doorstep of Ann Arbor, and then built a fence between us.
Even if the fence hadn't come down with Michigan's 2021 staff shakeup, this is one kid who might have followed Andre Seldon over it; Alexander grew up loving Michigan, and the feeling got very mutual when he showed up to various camps this summer.

247 Comp

2*, 5.4, NR Ovr,
3*, 86, NR Ovr,
#72 ATH, #23 MI
3*, 0.8355, #1214 Ovr,
#105 ATH, #37 MI


He’s 6-1/204 to Rivals and rounded up to 205 on 24/7. His Hudl page goes up to 6-2/210. Unless those recruiting rankings change he’s going to be near the bottom of Michigan linebacker recruits in my database. Other guys in that pile: David Harris (3.49), Devin Gil (3.48), Desmond Morgan (3.47), Joe Velazquez (3.46), and Obi Ezeh (3.38). The true 2-stars are Marell Evans and Emmanuel Casseus. Gil, Velazquez, and Evans were the other guys listed around 205 as recruits.
Let’s learn what Michigan’s looking at together then, shall we?
[Hit THE JUMP for scouting, video, and the rest.]

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