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Erin Burnett OutFront-20130916-23:11:00

figure out whether there's any association. but the fbi has determined there was only one shooter at the scene today. >> and evan, in terms of this other person, and i know you're working this story right now as we speak. obviously they said this could have been another shooter. and now you're saying a person of interest, whether this person had involvement. do you have any the sense of what they're looking at as whether this person knew it was happening and helped aaron alexis gain access? or is it something else? or is unclear at this moment? >> reporter: it's very unclear. for the sake of the police, if there are witnesses who see someone running from the scene and report there was something suspicious. i think they want to make sure they talk to that person before they cross him off the list. at this time the fbi has determined there was only one shooter, aaron alexis. he drove in. military contractor. he was allowed in to this property. they're still not sure what motivated him to do this. there's no sign of any ideology,

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Erin Burnett OutFront-20130916-23:12:00

any kind of antigovernment sentiment or anything like the ft. hood incident. right now they're trying to figure out what could have caused this right now. >> and we are going to have much more on this as i've told our viewers. we've been speaking to people who know aaron alexis and his religious affiliation as a buddhist. his the status as a contractor. let me ask you about the reporting on a second person. until evan was reporting this in d.c. there was a stand in place order for people in the area. they thought there could have been a second shooter. but now they're saying a second person who was involved. what do you think they're looking at? >> i think this may have been a person who allowed him access or paved the way for him in some other way. the individual in question, aaron, he had to get in there. and if you're not somebody who has an identification that provides you access, you can come in as a guest. but you have to be a guest of

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Erin Burnett OutFront-20130916-23:23:00

and we asked him if that could have been a motive or might have led to this shooting to take place. >> reporter: you think it's frustration over the contractor. >> from the conversations i have had with him, i would say that would be a part of it. because he really felt like they should have paid him when they took him to tokyo. it was, you know, he loved to be able to travel, but when he came back, he talked about how they didn't give him the money that they said, and so i would think that that could be. >> reporter: salary money wasn't paid? or expenses? >> money that he should have gotten paid or slow pay or something. and i don't know if he ever got paid. because the last conversation i had with him several months ago was that they did not pay. >> reporter: and aaron, one of the other things that he said that aaron alexis had called him. he's a handyman. does handyman work here at the restaurant and other places and

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Erin Burnett OutFront-20130916-23:22:00

peaceful. in fact, the owner of the restaurant here met him at a buddhist temple just down the road. and we just got back from the temple, and people there say he was a very quiet person, kept to himself. they believe he had a texas concealed handgun permit. they do know he had at least one or two guns that he had possessed over the course of the last few years. but one of the things that stuck out to me in speaking to one of his friends, he said he had gotten a phone call from aaron alexis a few months ago, that he had been work as a computer expert for a civilian contractor there in the d.c. area and that he had been sent to tokyo, japan over the last year and during the course of doing work for this contractor, he said he had not been paid properly. it's not clear if it was a salary dispute or expenses that weren't paid out in his mind. but this friend of his says that alexis complained about that and was very frustrated about what was going on.

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Erin Burnett OutFront-20130916-23:21:00

another crucial aspect of this story. ed, you have spoken to friends of alexis, and when you talk about profiles of people who do these horrific things, this one is very strange. what are they saying about him? >> reporter: i think we're kind of getting a mixed picture at this point in this early going of trying to dig into aaron alexis' past. but a lot of his history here in the ft. worth texas centers around this place, the happy bowl restaurant. the owner was aaron's the roommate for various years. he got married and alexis had to move out. that caused a little bit of a strain in their friendship. but there's that 2010 arrest for firing into the apartment of a neighbor that apparently alexis had some squabbles with over being too loud and that sort of thing, but those friends and people who have talked to him for several years here in the ft. worth area say he was very

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Erin Burnett OutFront-20130916-23:36:00

navy reserve base here in ft. worth. he was a quiet, almost bookish kind of fellow, and i remember being surprised when i walked in. he was someone that you'd see in a library rather than working tables at a thai place. >> seems like your impressions fit with that we heard from a roommate of his. he said he was a flew epts thai speaker, had been going to a buddhist temple. your image of him seems to fit with that portrait of aaron alexis, obviously not the one of a person who had been arrested in seattle for a gun violation. >> caller: we know him as a serious guy here. i talked to the owner of the thai restaurant in the afternoon. he was surprised. he knew aaron owned a gun, but didn't think he would do anything to like this. >> did you ever see him interact with other people, other co-workers? did he ever talk to you at all

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