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his own history. surprisingly washed up by an historic storm. >> so a bright spot there for michael birdsong after the mess that he went through, that you saw there. that's really the story for most people out here. however, for 306 people, for the families and friends of 306 people who are still unaccounted for, it's all about the search for survivors. carol, that search continues today. >> still so many missing. not accounted for. george howell reporting live from boulder, colorado, this morning. his motive remains unclear. we're getting a sharper look into the mind set of the man who killed 12 people in washington's navy yard. about a month ago aaron alexis told police about the voices in his head. and the people talking through walls and using microwaves to keep him awake. now two days after the deadly shooting, the navy yard in washington remains a crime scene and off limits to all but essential personnel. we finally know how he got a gun, how aaron alexis got a gun

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