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Erin Burnett OutFront-20130918-03:04:00

she's a scientist with the federal government. she says she spoke actually to aaron alexis three times last week, twice on tuesday, once on wednesday. and while she does not forgive the rampage, she does wonder whether there was anything she could have done to help them. >> well, we talked for about 15 minutes. we talked about southern culture. we talked about the fact that we were both there. he asked me how long i would be there. i said overnight. and he said that he would be there for awhile. >> did he tell you how long? >> yeah. i asked him. i said awhile? i said, awhile? and he says yes, i'll be here for quite some time. i said how long? he said for a couple of weeks. >> so you met him again the next day. >> i ran into him again on wednesday. and his countenance was markedly different on wednesday. >> how so? >> he was very hurried. he said that he was extremely tired. he said, i'm tired. i'm exhausted. i got to go. i got to go.

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The Situation Room-20130917-22:04:00

he said three people were following him, sending vibrations through his body. on august 25th, authorities say he arrived in the washington area. and on september 7th, he checked into a residence inn in southwest dc where he was apparently staying up until the shooting on the 16th. >> at this time we believe mr. alexis entered building 197 at the navy yard with a shotgun. we do not have any information at this time that he had an ar-15 in his possession. we also believe mr. alexis may have gained access to a handgun once inside the facility and after he began shooting. >> reporter: leaving many questions unanswered about his state of mind, his access and his motives. a government employee staying at that hotel last week says she spoke with aaron alexis three

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