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Taking center stage with Sydney Gebers | News, Sports, Jobs

Whether it’s the loud pounding of the drum or the sound of a song, extracting an emotion from the crowd is the reason to perform. Sydney Gebers has shared h

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Home on stage | News, Sports, Jobs - Messenger News

When Sol Birkey steps on the stage, it’s just like home. The Fort Dodge Senior High School senior loves to get a reaction out of the crowd, and the love o

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FD's Casciato earns prestigious recognition | News, Sports, Jobs

If Grace Casciato ever wanted a moment to be all about her, this could have easily been it. The graduating Fort Dodge Senior High School student had just h

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TRIPLE THREAT | News, Sports, Jobs - Messenger News

It wasn’t about the individual awards for the cast of “Les Miserables.” It was about the production and their cast mates. Four senior cast members fro

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Stars of the stage | News, Sports, Jobs

Editor’s note: A story on Fort Dodge’s Triple Threat awards will appear in Thursday’s Messenger. By CHRIS JOHNSON After

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'Les Miserables' coming to Fort Dodge | News, Sports, Jobs

France in the early 1800s was not a good place or time for someone newly released from prison who was trying to restart his life. In “Les Miserables,”

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FDSH speech team members earn top rating at state | News, Sports, Jobs

FDSH speech team members earn top rating at state | News, Sports, Jobs - get the latest breaking news, showbiz & celebrity photos, sport news & rumours, viral videos and top stories from Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday newspapers.

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