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that review published in one of the most prestigious medical journals, the lancet, saying even with the delta variant, eas efficacy against severe disease is so high already that a third shot is not needed right now. erica, looking at this report, it seems first thing is first, which is focus on the unvaccinated now before you focus on getting a booster shot to the vaccinated. i agree that s exactly what it sounds like in reading that. let s get to medical correspondent elizabeth cohen. to be clear, this a group of scientists here. they re not suggesting that the science has changed. the vaccines still work, as we know. they re looking at the broader issue of the pandemic. they re really looking at both, erica. what they re saying is that the science isn t telling us that a booster is necessary. they re saying that two shots the two shots that so many of us already got, that it works against preventing hospitalization. you might still get infected with covid-19, b ....

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Transcripts for CNN CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow and Jim Sciutto 20210913 13:47:00

Were unable to mandate masks due to the government s order. and that s the reason why we kept our second grader home, was because we weren t feeling like he was being protected enough by our state officials. the more that we can get out the word that this simple procedure, wearing a mask is protective to our children, who are vulnerable, who can t get vaccinated at this point, it s time to step up for them. dr. aaron amjadi, thank you very much. a lot of work where you are. wish you the best of luck. thank you very much. the fbi is releasing newly classified documents about the 9/11 attacks 20 years later. what the document reveals about the hijackers connections to saudi arabia. that s next. i had the nightmare again maxine. the world was out of wonka bars. relax. you just need digital workflows. ....

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