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about the preserving of the true democracy. case in point, senator mitch mcconnell and house minority leader kevin mccarthy, who ditched the responsibility of holding donald trump accountable for trying to steal the election, he clearly lost. msnbc opinion columnist a brown laid it out this way, quote, for a brief moment, then new york times reported thursday, mccarthy and mcconnell fell into full alignment on trump. and the days immediately following january 6th, both men expressed the belief that trump was at fault for the assault that he couldn t be allowed to remain in power. but they re anti trump s stance is collapsed in the face of opposition from their own members. gop members tearing at the fabric of the scared experiment extends well beyond washington. this week, michigan s republican party endorsed a trump backed election denier as secretary of state. it s a role that oversees elections. so we know that republican leaders are doing, and how low they will go ....

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Time they turned 45 years old, so it happens when states finally backed apportions altogether? well, a party from political says read quote, mail order abortion kits could help millions of people desperately terminate their pregnancies should the supreme court right down roe. but the majority of patients and many doctors remain in the dark or misinformed about the pills, how to take them, where to seek follow-up care and how to avoid landing in legal jeopardy. here s the reality folks, reproductive freedom is under attack, abortions don t stop beagle underground which is really dangerous. joining me now is michelle professional of law voters of california, irvine the author of policing the world invisible women in the criminalization of joining me this evening michelle and i want to start with this table setting because we say that women will go underground for abortion care, if it were clear and direct we understand that not all women, ....

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