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Alpine Unveils 2021 Formula 1 Car Wearing a Striking Blue, Red, and White Livery

2 Mar 2021, 16:33 UTC ·
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The A521 features a sleek blue, red and white livery, representing Alpine’s motorsport pedigree and sports car heritage. Design-wise though, the main structural elements have been carried over from the R.S. 20, meaning the car doesn’t look very different.
Thankfully, the team managed to develop and improve every single part that hadn’t been homologated, especially at the rear, where the new car boasts a few aerodynamic changes.
"It is a true joy to see the powerful, vibrant Alpine name on a Formula One car. New colors, new managing team, ambitious plans: it’s a new beginning, building on a 40-year history. We’ll combine Alpine’s values of authenticity, elegance and audacity with our in-house engineering & chassis expertise. That’s the beauty of racing as a works team in Formula One. We will compete against the biggest names, for spectacular car races made and followed by cheering enthusiasts. I can’t wait for the season to start," said Renault Group boss Luca de Meo.

F1: Fernando Alonso Has Successful Tooth Surgery, Likely To Start Season

F1: Fernando Alonso Has Successful Tooth Surgery, Likely To Start Season 
It has been revealed that a 42-year-old female Swiss driver crashed into Alonso who was on a bike while preparing for his 2021 campaign.
His jaw and teeth were broken which have been corrected in surgery
He is set to join the Alpine F1 team after a few days of medical rest
Alpine F1 has announced that Fernando Alonso has successful surgery for his jaw and teeth after his accident while cycling in Switzerland. After being hospitalised after the crash, it was revealed he perhaps had fractures, now it has been reported that his surgery has been successful and it was a minor injury, so much so that Alpine believes he will be available for the start of the season. 

Renault & Lotus Team To Electrify Alpine Brand

Renault & Lotus Team To Electrify Alpine Brand 
Renault & Lotus Team To Electrify Alpine Brand 
The Alpine A110 has been an iconic vehicle since 1963 and the teaser also points towards the vehicle retaining its iconic design language.
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Alpine brand is now being given a boost by Renault with the rebranding of the F1 team
Renault and Lotus have partnered for the same
Renault acquired Lotus's F1 team in 2015 which is rebranded to Alpine
The Alpine brand is already being re-energised as a halo sports car brand by Renault with the rebranding of its works F1 team as Alpine. Now it is teaming up with Lotus to create an all-electric Alpine car. Lotus and Renault are no strangers as Renault acquired what was the Lotus F1 team which later this year will again be rebranded to Alpine. This time around the intent is to create the successor to the Alpine A110 in an electric avatar. This one was announced late last week by Renault and Lotus - when both the manufacturers announced that they signed an MoU. "The signing of this MoU with Lotus shows the lean and smart approach we're implementing as part of the new Alpine brand strategy. Both brands have an amazing legacy and we are most excited to start this work together, from engineering tailored solutions to developing a next-generation EV sports car," said the two companies in a statement. 

F1: Alpine Teases New Livery While Revealing Launch Date

The blue, white and red refer to the colours of the French and British flags.