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São Paulo teachers and public employees strike against attack on pensions

NW march rescheduled after mayor's no-show

Amalia resident, Itumeleng Pitso, says they had to reschedule the handover of their memorandum after the mayor did not show up. Pitso says for 13 years they have been neglected. He refers to the ma...

Capitol - Your Illinois News Radar » The Tribune takes a look at Jesse Sullivan's background

Same-sex marriage possible for Dutch royals: PM

While gay marriage has been legal in the Netherlands for two decades, royal weddings need the consent of parliament.

Dutch royals can marry same-sex partner and keep throne, says prime minister

’The cabinet ... does not see that an heir to the throne or the King should abdicate if he/she would like to marry a partner of the same sex,’ Mark Rutte wrote in a letter.

Dutch royals can enter same-sex marriage without giving up throne, says Prime Minister

The Netherlands was the world's first country to legalise gay marriage in 2001, and now it is finally extending that right to the royal family.

Dutch royals can marry same-sex partner without giving up throne - Prime Minister of Netherlands

The Netherlands was the first country to legalise gay marriage, but royals previously had to forfeit the throne to marry someone of the same sex.

Winners of 2021 Global Flexo Innovation Awards

With high-quality a pre-condition of entry, submissions were evaluated on four criteria – the efficiency of the company’s workflow, conversion from other print processes to flexo, the degree of creativity in the graphic design and the level of sustainable business practices in the project. Excellence in two categories received a silver award (seven winners), in three

Miraclon Announces Winners of the 2021 Global Flexo Innovation Awards

Print process conversion to flexo, fixed-color palette printing, improved efficiencies in print production workflow and sustainable print observed as key trends in the flexo printing industry.

Commodity markets trends: Gold leads Twitter mentions in Q3 2021


Amalia Enache, Despre Tatăl Fetiței Sale. Cum S-a Schimbat Relația Lor și Ce Regret Are Alma

לינה בגולן: הצימר המפנק, היורט המשפחתי וההוסטל למטיילים

Recapturan a otro preso que se había fugado de la comisaría 9°

Lo atraparon esta tarde en inmediaciones de Villa Amalia.

Bayern 2 präsentiert: Mariza | Bayern 2 | Radio

In Mosambik geboren, in Portugal zuhause: Mariza steht als Musikerin schon immer für mehr als nur den Fado. Ihre Liebe gilt genauso der brasilianischen Musik, dem Jazz, dem Gospel und dem Pop.

Recapturan a otro preso que se había fugado de la Comisaría 9° – LV7

Cuestionan al ministro de Seguridad de Tucumán por la fuga de un guardiacárcel condenado por un femicidio

Kea, os papagaios que conseguem usar aparelhos touchscreen

PSDB em Minas não convidou João Doria para visita ao Estado

Catamarca, a un paso de ser la "Capital Nacional de la Alfombra Artesanal"

"Maravillas": Juana Viale se llevó todas las miradas con un look especial ESPECTÁCULO El Intransigente

Pasutri Edarkan 3,9 Kg Sabu dan 3.000 Pil Ekstasi Ditangkap Polisi : Okezone News

La cotidianidad perdida de las familias que retornaron a Puero Valdivia

Amalia Ortuño gana oro en torneo de crossfit adaptado en Colombia

Pampeanos en El Tolar

Excombatientes de las Farc asesinados: informe especial proceso de paz - JEP Colombia - Justicia

Platita para todos y good show

Noticias | Malba cumple 20 años y lo celebra con una muestra de Rafael Barradas

Amazon lanzó web para promocionar productos hispanos

Segurança: Segurança forma 34 policiais militares em curso de resposta rápida e missões especiais

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