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French Court Acquits Ex-PM Balladur In Corruption Trial

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French Court Acquits Ex-PM Balladur In Corruption Trial
By Anne-Sophie LASSERRE
03/04/21 AT 9:33 AM
A French court on Thursday acquitted former prime minister Edouard Balladur of corruption charges but handed a suspended jail term to his former defence minister, in a case that involved kickbacks from arms deals with Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.
The verdict by the Law Court of the Republic (CJR), which sits to try serving and former ministers for alleged violations committed in office, came just days after ex-president Nicolas Sarkozy was convicted in a case that sparked a national debate on the extent of political corruption.
Balladur, 91, had been accused of funnelling illicit commissions from arms deals to his unsuccessful presidential campaign in 1995.

French Former PM Balladur Acquitted In 'Karachi Affair'

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French Former PM Balladur Acquitted In 'Karachi Affair'
March 04, 2021
Former French Prime Minister Edouard Balladur (right) and former Defense Minister Francois Leotard in Paris in 1998.
A French court has acquitted former Prime Minister Edouard Balladur on corruption charges over an arms deal with Pakistan in the mid-1990s.
However, the Court of Justice of the Republic on March 4 handed a suspended two-year prison term and a fine of 100,000 euros ($120,000) to his former defense minister, Francois Leotard, for complicity in misusing assets.
Six people were jailed over the so-called "Karachi affair" last year.
Balladur, 91, and Leotard, 78, were charged in 2017 with "complicity in misuse of corporate assets and concealment" over the sale of submarines to Pakistan.

French trial opens for ex-PM Balladur over Karachi kickbacks

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PARIS: Former French prime minister Edouard Balladur appeared in court Tuesday on charges he used kickbacks from 1990s arms deals to help finance a presidential bid, in a case that has already seen...

French Ex-PM Balladur On Trial Over 'Karachi Affair' Kickbacks

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French ex-PM Balladur on trial over 'Karachi affair' kickbacks