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Bilal Hassani reveals his icons, from Britney Spears to Lady Gaga

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His childhood icon: Dalida
“I've been a fan since I was very young. My aunt in Morocco had a ready-to-wear shop for women, and she played Dalida's best hits all day.”
His iconic mentor : Jean Paul Gaultier
"He was a real help when he came with Madonna to Eurovision. He had his little Bilal Hassani pin."
Madonna et Jean Paul Gaultier
© Jim Smeal/Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images
His style icons: David Bowie, Michael Jackson and Prince
“These are the three biggest icons who influence my style, very sexy and sensual, with looks that don't fit into masculine codes."

Léna Situations, Upstart French Influencer, Is Rattling the Literary Lions

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PARIS — Léna Situations shot to fame in France by sharing fashion advice and tips for living a positive life with millions of her followers on social media.
A 23-year-old of Algerian heritage whose real name is Léna Mahfouf, she has notched up 1.8 million followers on YouTube, another 2.9 million on Instagram, and won a People’s Choice Award, a coveted accolade for viral video stars. Last fall, her first book topped nonfiction charts in France for six weeks in a row — dislodged only by the appearance of the first volume of Barack Obama’s memoirs.
And then came the inevitable backlash from a prominent figure in France’s literary establishment.

Bilal Hassani wants France to be more positive about Eurovision

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Since his Eurovision journey started two years ago,
Bilal Hassani has made it clear he’s a long-time Eurovision fan. And on Monday he used not only the eyes of a fan but also the experience of being a former representative to assess France’s fortunes at the Eurovision Song Contest.
Speaking on the radio show
Ça fait du bien, the LGBTQ icon gave his diagnosis for France’s many lows since it last won with Marie Myriam in 1977. Without questioning the talent of the artists or their chosen songs, he suggested the country’s failures come down to its attitude to Eurovision. He thinks there is a lack of positivity and optimism at large.

Lights, cameo, action: meet the guest stars of Fire Saga

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Alexander Rybak is a Belarusian-Norwegian singer that won Eurovision for Norway in 2009 with
Fairytale and returned again to Lisbon in 2018 with his entry
That's How You Write A Song. Known for his talent on the violin, the instrument is featured in both his Eurovision entries and as an interlude to Madonna's
Ray Of Light in the
Song-A-Long sequence.
His 2009 win, securing a total of 387 points, marked the highest recorded score in the history of the Contest at that time.
Tom Neuwirth
Known on stage as Conchita Wurst, this glamourous Eurovision star won the Contest for Austria in 2014 with
Rise Like A Phoenix. Tom first performed as his alter ego, the famous long-haired full-bearded lady, in the talent show

Netflix releases Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga - this is what the fans say

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Netflix releases Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga - this is what the fans say
Will Ferrell and Rachel McAdams - and plenty of famous faces from the world of Eurovision - star in this homage to the world's greatest music spectacle
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Eurovision Song Contest Review: Funny, Raunchy & Still Parent Friendly

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Eurovision Song Contest Review: Funny, Raunchy & Still Parent Friendly
Posted on
I know we're all appropriately gutted that
Eurovision 2020 got disrupted by the pandemic, but oddly enough, Netflix of all people has us fans covered. Well, sort of. Is Eurovision back? Not until next year, but there is a new movie out about, you guessed it, Eurovision, and on Netflix right now called
Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga.
Rachel McAdams and
Will Ferrell star as Fire Saga, the Icelandic duo with big dreams of winning the song contest. The only catch is their kind of a joke – a joke that ends up competing for their country's dignity on the global stage (well, not including America, because screw those guys – it's Eurovision, not America-vision).

All The Eurovision Singer Cameos in Netflix's 'Eurovision' Movie – Variety

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Every Real-Life Eurovision Cameo From Netflix’s ‘Eurovision’ Movie
Jonathan Olley/NETFLIX
Netflix’s “Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga” debuted with songs about volcanoes and lions and celebrity-filled scenes with Will Ferrell, Rachel McAdams, Dan Stevens and even Demi Lovato. However, true Eurovision fans are fanning out over the cameos from the real-life Eurovision winners and contestants.
After showcasing the vocal stylings of the fictional characters, hungry for the international acclaim from the song contest, director David Dobkin turned the lens on the real Eurovision stars for a talent-stuffed “song-along” scene. In the film, Ferrell and McAdams are members of the downtrodden band “Fire Saga.” The two Icelandic singers (named Lars Erickssong and Sigrit Ericksdóttir ) have but one dream: Win the Eurovision song contest. However their talents and funds have always been slightly lacking when competing against the country’s greatest pop star Katiana (Lovato). But with a little luck (and some elven prayers) the duo make it to the main stage and find themselves fully immersed amongst the Eurovision celebrities. It’s here the Netflix film allows the fans of this decades-long contest to revive their love for the greatest performers from Eurovision’s past.

Eurovision Song Contest review: Catchy songs make this a Netflix hit

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The joy of doing karaoke has nothing to do with looking cool or necessarily even hitting the right notes — it’s about leaving inhibitions behind and giving your all to the moment. Simplistic as it might sound, it’s just about having fun. That sense of pure, unironic joy is what makes Netflix’s new musical comedy
Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga really sing. Director David Dobkin doesn’t land every single beat, but he taps into that well of carefree exultation so potently that the movie’s stumbles hardly register.
In the first moments of the film, a young boy is entranced by ABBA’s performance of “Waterloo” in the real-life 1974 Eurovision contest. (The event, which has been going on since 1956, calls for European countries to submit musical acts to compete.) There’s no irony to his adoration of the group’s poppy song or glittery costumes; when the adults around him laugh at his enthusiasm, he yells at them to cut it out. One day, he says, he’ll be the one performing on the Eurovision stage.

All the Eurovision cameos in Will Ferrell's new Netflix movie, Eurovision Song Contest.

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John Lundvik, who kicks off the song-a-long, is a Swedish pop singer who placed fifth in the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv with the song “Too Late for Love.” He was also one of the composers of “The Best in Me,” which was France’s entry in the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest before it was canceled. Here’s Lundvik’s 2019 Eurovision performance:
Anna Odobescu
Anna Odobescu represented Moldova in the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest, where she performed “Stay.” The song didn’t make it out of the semifinals, so there’s no full Eurovision performance, but here’s the music video:

'Eurovision' Netflix Cast and Cameos - Best Performances from Past Eurovision Contestants

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The movie stars Ferrell and Rachel McAdams as two Icelandic friends trying to achieve their dream of winning the Eurovision Song Contest. It's filled with the lavish costumes, glittery pop music, and earnest, over-the-top artists who populate the actual event (Fun fact: both Celine Dion and ABBA have
won the amateur singing contest). But the most important part is the personalities of these ambitious weirdos, some of whom are played by actual musicians and Eurovision performers and winners.
The movie is dotted with cameos from celebrities (a charred and dismembered Demi Lovato, being one) and Eurovision stars from the event's storied history. We've run down some of the famous faces who pop up on screen throughout

All Of 'Eurovision's Real Life Contestant & Winner Cameos, From Jamala To Netta

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JACK GUEZ/AFP/Getty Images
June 26, 2020
Each year all of Europe comes together for Eurovision, an international celebration of song filled with flashy costumes, catchy hooks, and some over-the-top dance performances. While the competition is off this year — due to the effects of the novel coronavirus — Netflix is here to fill the Eurovision-sized hole in your heart. Will Ferrell and Rachel McAdams star in Netflix' comedy
Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga. Centered around the annual song contest, the film follows Icelandic duo Fire Saga as they live their lifelong dream of making it to the competition. Ferrell and McAdams

Eurovision 2021: France will replace "Destination Eurovision" with a new national selection

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On Friday it emerged that
Tom Leebwon’t sing for France at Eurovision 2021, fuelling speculation about how broadcaster France 2 would choose their act for next year’s contest in Rotterdam. And on Saturday afternoon, during a call with Wiwibloggs, the country’s Head of Delegation gave us the answer.
Alexandra Redde-Amiel confirmed that France
will not return to the Destination Eurovision format, which gave Eurofans Madame Monsieur and Bilal Hassani. Instead, it will use a new national selection format produced by the broadcaster, rather than by an outside studio as in years past.
France replaces Destination Eurovision with new national selection format

Eurovision best LGBT performers: From Dana International to Conchita Wurst

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Eurovision's queer icons: Dana International, Krista Siegfrids, Conchita Wurst, Ryan O'Shaughnessy's dancers and Bilal Hassani
Eurovision 2020 may be cancelled, but the contest’s queer legacy remains something to celebrate. Here, we list the first, best and most significant LGBT+ performers from Ketil Stokkan and Dana International to t.A.T.u and Conchita Wurst.
To some it’s a source of amusement, to others a camp spectacular, but for many, the Eurovision Song Contest has come to represent a celebration of queer identity.
While many parts of Europe remain bitterly divided on LGBT+ rights, the contest has served as a beacon of inclusion beamed directly into millions of homes on an annual basis.

In the spotlight: Tom Leeb

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In the spotlight: Tom Leeb
Photo: Arno Lam - FTV
In the spotlight: Tom Leeb
26 April 2020 at 10:10 CEST
With his song, 'Mon Alliée (The Best In Me)', Tom Leeb was chosen to represent France in 2020. In light of the unfortunate cancellation of the 65th Eurovision Song Contest, we wish to highlight the impressive acts that were set to appear. This is 'In the spotlight', our feature honouring the artists that would have made up this year's edition of the world's largest live music event.
French public broadcaster FT returned to an internal selection in 2020 and determined Tom Leeb as their Eurovision Song Contest representative. In a new twist, the broadcaster asked French and European publishers to write a song specifically for the Contest.

Congratulations: France's Madame Monsieur are expecting a baby | wiwibloggs Madame Monsieur are expecting a baby

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Madame Monsieur represented France at Eurovision 2018 in Lisbon with their touching entry Mercy, the story of a little girl born on a migrant rescue ship. The pair finished in 13th place, and went on to release plenty of new music and even co-wrote France’s 2019 Eurovision entry, Bilal Hassani’s “Roi”. We’re sure that Baby Madame Monsieur will grow up surrounded by plenty of music.
The pair have stayed in touch with baby Mercy and her family, the inspiration behind their Eurovision entry, even meeting up with her in Italy where she lives. Who knows, maybe Mercy will have a new friend the next time she meets the duo?

Vanessa Hudgens wears coat with furry collar and flashes cute smile at photo shoot in Los Angeles

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Vanessa was seen with her mother Gina who wore a long black dress, red hat and white sneakers.
The California native recently partnered with EA for its Play With Life campaign for the life simulation game The Sims 4.
Funky outfit: The 31-year-old actress wore a tan overcoat with a furry collar and cuffs over a black crop top that showed her flat stomach while working in the Los Feliz area
Family affair: The California native was seen with her mother Gina who wore a long black dress, red hat and white sneakers
Vanessa received her own Sim character for the campaign in The Sims 4.

Germany′s Eurovision contestant revealed | News | DW

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Switzerland: Luca Hanni — 'She Got Me'
This guy looks good, dances well, and when he sings, rhythm seems to radiate from every cell in his body. His voice is engaging too. Switzerland's multitalented entry has been a favorite in the field of Eurovision betting. And from the audience in the Tel Aviv Expo Hall, Luca Hanni gets just about the strongest applause of any contender.
Eurovision 2019: The 26 finalist countries
Cyprus: Tamta — 'Replay'
With so many acts to follow, it's tough starting off the first semifinal, but Tamta made it to the next round. At the climax of her cool, seductive dance number, male dancers rip off her black leather jacket to reveal a white bejeweled corset beneath. "Them sheets need my body tonight," she sings, "You need my love on replay."

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