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Kwok, four others made to kneel and beheaded, others machine-gunned | Daily Express Online

LEE Vui Leong’s relationship with the guerrillas was clarified by his wife Kong, “My husband never joined them as an active member, but he helped them whenever he could, including passing information in early 1943. I knew of my husband’s connection with the guerrillas.”
The Japanese, however, maintained that Lee Vui Leong was involved. Sergeant Major Tsuji Toyoji, who was later tried for the death of Lee Vui Leong, testified that he was ordered by his commanding officer Lieutenant Onishi.  
Lee Vui Leong’s death was one of two tragedies suffered by the Li family following the uprising. His father, Li Tet Phui, was later executed by the Japanese at Petagas. Other members of the family, including Vincent Lee Vui Min, were also tortured. Vincent Lee was given water treatment at Menggatal twice. After being transferred to Jesselton, he was interrogated, beaten, and interned for two and half months.” Chin Shen Kee, the uncle of the two y ....

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Sandakan produced several war heroes | Daily Express Online - Sabah's Leading News Portal

THE Funk brothers – Johnny, Alexander and Paddy – were members of the North Borneo Volunteer Force (before the war). Their family home was near where the Allied Prisoners Of War (POWs) were interned from July 1942. This enabled the brothers to establish secret contacts with the POWs which saw them providing help and serving as conduits between the POWs and the hospital in Sandakan. 
When their activities were betrayed to the Japanese in July 1943, the brothers were arrested and severely punished by the Japanese Army; Alex was executed while Johnny and Paddy suffered great physical and psychological torture ....

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