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Transcripts For FOXNEWS FOX and Friends Sunday 20240708

o er the ramparts watched were so gallantly streaming and the rocket s red glare, the bombs bursting in air gave proof through the night that our flag was still there o say does that star-spangled banner yet wave oer land of the free and the home of the brave . . . will: good morning, america. good morning talladega. welcome to nascar s present and past. fox & friends weekend. pete: you can have it. no you can t. good morning everybody. we had three cars out there we were supposed to chart. two of them were locked and one i flooded the engine when i tried to start it. show you the nascar prowess of this team. this is talladega. sunday morning. no one is up here yet. rachel: no one is here yet nice weather. great sign for the rest of the day. you guys kept me up way too late yesterday. pete: that is true. we had a good night yesterday. we might show some of that. rachel was at mid field of the usfl game, doing the coin flip. rachel: tell you something funn ....

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Transcripts for MSNBC Velshi 20240604 14:24:00

Remarks by the independent, revealed that trump did not utter paul whelan s emotional time while he was held captive under his watch. and this week, right on cue, donald trump chimed in. he wrote on his social media platform, truth social, why wasn t former marine paul whelan included in this totally one-sided transaction? he would have been let out for the ax getting. what an unpatriotic embarrassment for the u.s.. paul whelan s brother reacted on twitter saying, former president trump appears to imagine by brother peel paul whelan s wrongful detention more in the last 24 hours than he did in the two years of his presidency in which paul was held hostage by russia. i don t suggest he cares nowtod, and today the world knows paul whelan s name. . s paul whelan s name. aving up for his first set of wheels. nice try. really? this leon s paying for his paint job on the spot. ....

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Transcripts for FOXNEWS FOX and Friends Sunday 20240604 11:41:00

. pete: elon musk s attempted twitter takeover continues to ramp up with the world s richest man registering 3:00 new companies to support his buyout bid. a new york post op-ed is applauding his efforts, in an article, why it is so much fun to watch musk slap twitter in the face. the billionaire troublemaker love as public brawl and doesn t mind playing the villain. we have skill let front man john cooper. thanks for being here. great to see you again, brother peel peel we ll talk about some of the stuff here at the track which is very cool. elon musk, attempts to take over twitter, advance free speech, what s your reaction? first of all it is heister at this call. imagine you walk up one day with ....

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