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'I Shot the Sheriff': The Very Different Interpretations of Bob Marley's Lyrics

People close to Bob Marley claimed he spoke of much more than fighting back against police in his 'I Shot the Sheriff' lyrics.

Letter: Bunny Wailer obituary

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Bunny Wailer was willing to use music to advance social change. Photograph: John Lynn Kirk/Redferns
Bunny Wailer was willing to use music to advance social change. Photograph: John Lynn Kirk/Redferns
Sun 18 Apr 2021 12.08 EDT
Last modified on Sun 18 Apr 2021 13.26 EDT
Bunny Wailer’s versions of Bob Marley songs were respectful, thoughtful yet innovative, bringing out his vocal range and understanding of the material. The wonderful album Tribute to commemorate his friend’s death was re-released on CD in 1990 as Time will Tell and won the reggae Grammy in 1991; his expanded album of Marley songs, Hall of Fame, won the 1997 Grammy.

Best Reggae Songs: Classics From (And Inspired By) Jamaica

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Illustration: uDiscoverMusic
From ska and reggae to dancehall and dub (and beyond), the Caribbean island of Jamaica is one of the most musically inventive countries in the world. Through this list, however, we’re focusing on presenting a selection of the best reggae songs ever. Many of the best songs in reggae music are not written in the manner preferred by composers in other genres, musing over a piano or guitar; they are tailored to fit a pre-existing rhythm track. But reggae is blessed with inventiveness and artists full of imagination, and selecting just 25 great songs from music that reflects both the sunny side of life and an eternal fight to survive is a difficult task.

Sean Paul Describes Koffee's Music As Amazing, But Patois Language Barrier Still Remains – DancehallMag

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Sean Paul, Koffee
Dancehall superstar Sean Paul is insisting that many Dancehall acts have not been able to have cross-over hit songs, due to a vast section of the global music audience not being able to understand Patois.
According to Sean, this is not a fault of anyone, but just happens to be the harsh reality, in a world where only a relatively minute number of people speak or understand the Jamaican vernacular, when compared to languages such as English and Spanish.
Temperature artist was responding to questions posed by Television Jamaica’s entertainment journalist Anthony Miller on the Entertainment Report, about why his compatriot Koffee, has not “been able to translate commercially” and “if she can’t cross over to a wider audience, who is going to out of Jamaica?”

CARIBBEAT: St. Vincent and the Grenadines residents flee the La Soufrière volcano eruption, but aid is on the way

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For the La Soufrière volcano in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, it was just a matter of time — and that time came Friday morning when the active volcano erupted for the first time in generations, spewing hot ash and sending residents fleeing for safety.

What's new on VOD and streaming this weekend: April 9 to 11 | Georgia Straight Vancouver's News & Entertainment Weekly

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Ever since
The Invisible Man, the upper-class wife whose luxury real estate becomes an overbearing metaphor for her isolating marriage seems to have become a go-to set-up for indie filmmakers. Last year we had
Swallow and
The Nest, and this year that plot gets a straight-up genre treatment in
Held. The perennially pained-looking Emma (Jill Awbrey, who also wrote the script) is clearly over her square-jawed husband Henry (Bart Johnson), but they’re giving it one more try by escaping to a secluded, automated smart house vacation rental. Naturally, the property’s version of Alexa has other plans—drugging them and forcing them into chivalrous machinations straight out of a 1950s marriage manual. Held doesn’t hold back, skimping on character development, rushing into the concept and mainly using the first act to set things up to pay off later. Basic druggy montages, a visually uninteresting set and an even more uninspired baddie sap

Junior Byles

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Junior Byles
Junior Byles
Junior Byles (Kerrie Byles Junior, most known for his 'Fade Away' is a reggae artist born in the poor parts of Kingston, Jamaica 1948. 'Fade Away', with its strong spiritual warnings for materialism and egoism, was recorded in 1975 for producer Joseph Hoo Kim. It was a massive hit in Jamaica and was also a big success in the UK, and was covered five years later by among others Adrian Sherwood's New Age Steppers group and by Salmonella Dub NZ, made a special version of it. By 1975, Byles' health had begun to decline. Suffering from depression, he was deeply affected by the death of Haile Selassie, unable to reconcile this with his belief in Selassie's divinity, and attempted suicide, but survived. He then had a very though life and was living on the street in USA, scavenging for food in dumpsters, and begging from passers-by. Byles occasionally resurfaced, recording albums 1989, and 1992. He returned to live performance in 2004 in Jamaica, receiving positive reviews. His legacy of recordings from the 1970s, however, maintain his status as one of roots reggae's leading talents.

Music producer Tixie has died

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Donald 'Tixie' Dixon
The local music industry is mourning the death of well-known producer and engineer Donald 'Tixie' Dixon who passed away on Thursday after a long battle with cancer.
He had first been diagnosed with cancer in his nose, and had successfully fought the first diagnosis. However, the cancer returned and metastasized. 
Reggae singer Sizzla paid tribute to the late producer on Friday, when he posted to Instagram, “Great engineer Tixie R.I.P nuff works you do fah wi as artistes in this music industry,” alongside a photo of himself and Tixie.
When contacted, reggae star Anthony B acknowledged the producer's death. 

Tico Time offers jam-packed live music schedule

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Tico Time offers jam-packed live music schedule
Durango, Colorado
Bluegrass Festival coming up April 29
Thursday, April 8, 2021 4:47 PM
Rob and Jenny Holmes are the owners of Tico Time north of Aztec.
Jerry McBride/Durango Herald
Tico Time offers jam-packed live music schedule
People gather on Saturday at Tico Time for a day of music north of Aztec along the Animas River.
Jerry McBride/Durango Herald
Jerry McBride/Durango Herald
Escuchar en Español:
Loading the Español audio player...
Just a shout south of the Colorado line is a place that has the next handful of months planned out for music lovers.

Do you know the answers to these 10 music trivia questions?

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Maybe you do, maybe you don't. There's just one way to find out.
We trust you had a wonderful Easter and that you have emerged from the long weekend with a bright new perspective.
Hopefully with that new outlook you've also absorbed some music knowledge, because you'll need it if you're gonna get these questions right.
Have a shot at the title below:
Test your music knowledge!
10 questions to see just how much of a die-hard fan you are.
The Secret Life of Us debuted 20 years ago. What was the show's opening theme song?
Tom Iansek is one half of Big Scary. Who is the other half?

What's new on VOD and streaming this weekend: April 9-11

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What’s new on VOD and streaming this weekend: April 9-11
Including Nomadland, Sugar Daddy, The Nevers, Held and Exterminate All The Brutes
By Kevin Ritchie and Norman Wilner
Apr 9, 2021
OW critics pick what’s new to streaming and VOD for the weekend of April 9. Plus: Everything new to VOD and streaming platforms.
Sugar Daddy
(Wendy Morgan)
NOW named Kelly McCormack one of Canada’s rising screen stars in 2019. Watch Sugar Daddy and you’ll see why: Morgan’s slightly stylized, emotionally charged drama stars the Letterkenny and Killjoys scene-stealer – most recently seen as an unwelcome guest in Ginny & Georgia – as a struggling musician who joins an agency that provides “paid dinner companions” to older men who don’t want emotional attachments, or anything further. Naturally, the reality of it turns out to be a little more complicated. McCormack wrote and produced the film, and does her own singing, but Sugar Daddy’s not just a showcase for her eccentric, electric screen presence; Colm Feore gives one of the best performances of his career as one of her clients – he was just nominated for a Canadian Screen Award for it, one of three nods for the film – and the supporting cast features a host of Toronto faces, from Jess Salgueiro, Amanda Brugel, Ishan Davé and Kaniehtiio Horn to McCormack’s Killjoys pals Aaron Ashmore and Rob Stewart.

Subatomic Sound System releases "Police in Helicopter" re-cut

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1 day ago
Subatomic Sound System is a New York based electronic dub collective led by a DJ named Emch. The group has collaborated with Ari Up of The Slits and Lee Scratch Perry (and they often back Perry at live performances). The band also includes Larry Mcdonald, an iconic percussionist who has recorded with Gil Scott-Heron,Toots Hibbert, The Slackers, Soulfly, Bunny Wailer and Peter Tosh.
Today, the group released a version of John Holt's "Police in Helicopter." Jah9 and Yaadcore also guest on the track. It's a stand alone digital single and you can hear it below.

Bunny Wailer's elder brother Carl urges Jah B's kids to 'wake up...'

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Bunny Wailer (centre) poses for a photo with Chris Chin (second right), head of VP Records; Wailer’s manager, Maxine Stowe (second left); Abijah Asadenaki (left), Jah B’s eldest son, and reggae artiste, Blak Hero (right). The occasion was the signing of a licensing deal with VP Records for Bunny Wailer’s music.
Carl Livingston, co-executor of Bunny Wailer’s estate, has stepped in, purportedly as a voice of reason, and made an appeal for calm among younger members of the Livingston clan, calling for them to "wake up and smell the coffee".
In an interview, Bunny Wailer’s older brother told Loop News that: "Abijah and his siblings need to settle down and decide to come together and do the necessary things to get his dad situated, then after that you can do all the bickering, talk and the side shows."

No issue with Bunny Wailer's huge hospital bill, says lawyer

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Bunny Wailer
The family of reggae legend Neville 'Bunny Wailer' Livingston has been forced to contend with settling a daunting hospital bill of J$5.27 million, which has not yet been settled one month after his death. 
Members of the late icon's family have complained to the media that the family has been unable to settle the bill, and that if their father's affairs were being managed in the way they ought to have been, then they would not have been in the uncomfortable financial position that they find themselves mired in today.
"There [should be] no reason for there to be outstanding hospital bills since 2020. We should not have to sign a record deal to bury our father. The truth is, however, Bunny Wailer's legacy speaks for itself," the children said in the joint statement.

Who Was The Last Surviving Wailer? – DancehallMag

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Bunny Wailer
Entertainment consultant and former manager of the late Reggae icon Bunny Wailer, Maxine Stowe, has clarified and contextualized claims recently made by Aston Barrett Jr., the son of well-known musician Aston ‘Family Man’ Barrett, that his father was a member of The Wailers.
“How can you be a Wailer and you’re not getting any royalties? Aston Barrett was a member of the backing band, not in the category of the singer/songwriter Wailer,” Bunny Wailer’s former manager Maxine Stowe told
Another Jamaican singer, Beverly Kelso, is also known as an early member of The Wailers. She was a backing vocalist, and largely credited as one of the founding members of The Wailers (between 1963 and 1965). According to Kelso, she sang on 25 tracks by the group, the last in late 1965. She emigrated to the United States in 1979.

Bunny Wailer's Son, Asadenaki, Says Family "Pressured" To Sign VP Licensing Deal – DancehallMag

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Bunny Wailer
Abijah Asadenaki Livingston, co-executor of Bunny Wailer’s estate, has issued a statement on Facebook where he has denied that the family has any objection to any deal with VP Records regarding the completion of a licensing deal that will allow the family to settle an outstanding hospital bill.
The outstanding hospital bill has to be settled so that the family can obtain a death certificate, and hence go ahead and plan the burial.
“My siblings and I are not against any deal with VP records. However, with the responsibility that my father has entrusted me as an executor, I cannot blindly sign any agreement concerning his intellectual property without reviewing the details of the contract especially knowing how protective my father was of his works,” the statement said.

Bunny Wailer Spent US$615,000 In Medical Expenses 'To Extend His Life' – DancehallMag

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Bunny Wailer
When the late Reggae legend Bunny Wailer suffered the first stroke in 2018, it set in motion a chain of events that led to a deep dive into the challenging medical system that exists in Jamaica.
Within a 29 month period, Livington’s medical expenses cost a whopping US$615,000 (J$92 million) — and that was before a final bill of an additional J$5.2 million to cover the month before his death.
Within that period of time, the family used an astonishing array of private hospital services and local and international rehabilitation services to care for Jah B.
According to Stowe, Bunny was under medical care as early as May 2016, when he got ill while on tour in the United States. It was later discovered in between trips to Cuba for treatment that he had developed a hypertensive condition which they sought to manage with medication.

Bunny Wailer Family Hit With $5 Million Hospital Bill, Stowe's Lawyer Says "There Is No Issue, Bill Will Be Paid" – DancehallMag

Reggae legend Bunny Wailer racked up a hospital bill of $5,275,763.61 in the last six weeks of his illness at a medical facility in the Corporate Area as

Reggae Legend Bunny Wailer Left Significant Portion Of Estate To Rastafari Community – DancehallMag

Bunny Wailer
Reggae legend Bunny Wailer, a devout Rastafarian, reportedly left a “significant” percentage of his estate to the Rastafari community, the first major Reggae artist to have made such a bold stipulation in his final will and testament.
Blackheart Man singer passed away on Tuesday, March 2 at the age of 73, and will reportedly be buried at his Dreamland Farm, a 142-acre estate located snugly on the border of St Thomas and Portland.
Maxine Stowe, close partner of Bunny Wailer, told
DancehallMag that “when the COVID-19 pandemic and other dust settles with the burial of Bunny at his estate, the various beneficiaries will be satisfied.”

Music | globegazette.com

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Updated: April 13, 2021 @ 10:09 am

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