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Transcripts For CNN The Source With Kaitlan Collins 20240724

so from the source tonight, two of the biggest power players and the democratic party, pete buttigieg and elizabeth warren are here live as vice president harris is rallying a boisterous crowd and a battleground state and president biden is turning to the white house, preparing to address the nation. as donald trump is unleashing new attack lines on both. i m kaitlan collins and this is the source good evening from washington where president biden has returned to the white house as he s preparing to address the nation tomorrow night is vice president harris is holding her first rally as the top of the democratic ticket. the new presumptive democratic nominee got a roaring reception from supporters and battleground wisconsin today a she unleashed the kind of fired up the tackled donald trump, that many democrats have been clamoring for donald trump wants to take our country backward who believe in reproductive freedom donald trump s extreme abortion bans because we tru ....

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Transcripts For MSNBC Inside With Jen Psaki 20240724

7:00 p.m. eastern. inside with jen psaki starts now. hi, everyone. it is jen psaki and i know you all tune in because you want to hear what chris hayes thinks of everything happening right now and especially at this crazy time. me, too, i get it. he is taking well-deserved time off with his family, but i assure you he will be back and tell you everything he thinks. in the meantime it has been over two days since president joe biden announced he would be dropping out of the presidential race and two days since he endorsed vice president kamala harris as his replacement. a lot has happened in that time to put it mildly. harris has already secured enough delegates to win the nomination, making her essentially that affect no nominee the de facto nominee. between sunday afternoon and last night the campaign raised over $100 million. with the majority of donors giving for the first time, that is a big deal. that includes the largest single day fundraising hall in american ....

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Transcripts For MSNBC Alex Wagner Tonight 20240724

so much. that does it for me tonight. president biden will address the nation at 8:00 p.m. eastern tomorrow night. we will bring that you live in that special team coverage right here on msnbc and alex wagner tonight starts now. hi, alex. i think i will see you tomorrow night virtual or in person. we have a lot to talk about. absolutely. as we have all week. a lot will happen. see you tomorrow. so this is what the crowds look like when vice president kamala harris rolled into milwaukee today as the democratic party de facto presidential nominee. more than 3000 people packed into a high school auditorium to hear her speak. the campaign originally intended to hold this event at a smaller venue, but there were so many rsvps they had to move it at the last minute to accommodate the crowd. and you can see, can you see? there you go, there were lots of freshly printed signs. there were people holding signs saying yes we can and there was a candidate ready to take ....

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Transcripts For MSNBC The Last Word With Lawrence ODonnell 20240724

word with lawrence o donnell. good evening, alex. we are now covering a new presidential campaign with a whole new approach. we have 105 days to do it. holy mackerel. here we are, let s go. thank you. with 105 days until election day, vice president kamala harris spent her first day as the presumptive nominee for president of the democratic party on the campaign trail in the crucial electoral college state of wisconsin. it has truly been one of the greatest honors of my life to serve as vice president to our president, joe biden. joe s legacy of accomplishment over his entire career and over the past three and half years is unmatched in modern history. in one term, think about it. in one term as president he has already surpassed the legacy of most presidents who served two terms in office. and i know we are all deeply, deeply grateful for his continuing service to our nation. and it is my great honor to have joe biden s endorsement in this race. so, wisconsi ....

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Transcripts For CNN Erin Burnett OutFront 20240724

brian todd, thanks very, very much. and thanks for for the vice president, governor jb pritzker, who was on harris, his vp list is my guest tonight. plus new reporting from kfile on exactly what j.d. vance once said about a woman who accused trump of sexual misconduct this is trump faces questions about whether vance was the best choice and our young voters paris s secret weapon, we re going to talk to one tiktok influencer whose videos are getting millions of views to those views mean votes let s go outfront and good evening. i m erin burnett out front tonight. the gloves are off campaign is on kamala harris hitting the campaign trail, wasting no time going after donald trump. in her first rally since securing enough delegates to clinch the nomination in the battleground, state of wisconsin they were reported 3,000 voters waiting to greet the vice president. there was so much interest in fact, in attending this rally that harris, his campaign. so they had to find a l ....

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