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2022's Righteous Riceball Review | Features

Ah, the riceball. There is nothing intrinsically special about a riceball. It is but simple ingredients, tucked in a pod of rice shaped into the simplest possible shape. However, there is something special about the riceball at the same time. It’s a quick lunch you could grab on your way to

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Brie Larson Reacts to Captain Marvel's Debut in Fortnite

Brie Larson Reacts to Captain Marvel's Debut in Fortnite
Several new Marvel heroes and villains have arrived in Epic's latest update to
Fornite, and that includes two powerhouses heroes by the names of Captain Marvel and Black Panther. Along with Taskmaster, the three characters are part of a new Marvel Royalty and Warriors pack, featuring skins and themed accessories for you to wield. With the addition of Captain Marvel, it didn't take long for fans to reach out to MCU's very own Captain Marvel Brie Larson to let her know the character was live and suggest she should try her out, especially since she's already a fan of the game, and now she's done just that.

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