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COVID: Was it premature to open German schools? | Germany| News and in-depth reporting from Berlin and beyond | DW

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COVID: Was it premature to open German schools?
This week some students were allowed back to school. Most of them were happy to go. But critics feel the resumption of classes is too risky — and say teachers should have been vaccinated first.
Many say the reopening of schools was a hasty move
One-way arrows on the floors of the corridors, calls over the intercom to maintain distance, smaller class groups: That's the new normal in the corona pandemic for students of the Friedrich-Ebert-Gymnasium in the western German city of Bonn. Those back at school belong to the classes doing state exams this year. They've been back at school for real since Monday, preparing for their graduation or intermediate exams. 

DHL to store and distribute vaccinations for Lower Saxony

DHL to store and distribute vaccinations for Lower Saxony
The state of Lower Saxony is one of the first German federal states to commission DHL Supply Chain, market leader in contract logistics and part of the Deutsche Post DHL Group, to store and transport the new COVID-19 vaccines. DHL will store around 2.2 million vaccine doses and about 350 pallets of vaccination equipment for the federal state of Lower Saxony at two of its more than 140 certified Life Science Health Care locations. From there DHL will transport the vaccine to the vaccination centers and hospitals across the state.
"A specialty of this contract is that the new mRNA vaccine from Biontech / Pfizer has to be stored at extremely low temperatures. Storage and distribution at -70 degrees Celsius present a challenge. Only a handful of logistics companies possess the cooling and transport capacity to accommodate such low temperature range. But in anticipation, we have invested early on to expand our deep freezer farms and cold storage facilities. This first contract with a German state government, to manage COVID-19 vaccines logistics in the State of Lower Saxony, highlights the decisive role that Deutsche Post DHL Group will play in fighting the Corona pandemic," says Oscar de Bok, CEO DHL Supply Chain and Member of the Board of Management at Deutsche Post DHL Group.

German COVID-19 outbreak traced to restaurant | News | DW

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German COVID-19 outbreak traced to restaurant
At least 10 people have been infected with COVID-19 following a private party at a restaurant in rural northern Germany. Health officials say there is evidence that hygiene and distancing guidelines were not followed.
Health officials in the German state of Lower Saxony said Saturday they are investigating a COVID-19 outbreak traced to a restaurant where people allegedly failed to follow hygiene and distancing regulations. 
Authorities said at least 10 people, including the restaurant's owner, were infected with COVID-19 in the rural municipality of Moormerland in Germany's northwestern coastal region of East Frisia. None of the cases have been reported as serious. 

Deaths from COVID-19 mount in German elderly care homes

Deaths from COVID-19 mount in German elderly care homes
Recent days and weeks have witnessed a spike in COVID-19 deaths in Germany’s elderly care homes. Elderly residents of these facilities, who often suffer from pre-existing health conditions, are more likely to experience a serious illness as a result of a COVID-19 infection. The large number of deaths stems from the failure to implement timely countermeasures or follow them, a shortage of staff, overworked personnel and the absence of personal protective equipment (PPE).
The outbreaks of COVID-19 in care homes have risen dramatically. Virologist Christian Drosten referred to the development as “a new phase in the Coronavirus pandemic.” At just one care home in Wolfsburg, where the first cases were identified on March 18, 29 residents have died. After five residents died at a Karlsruhe care home, all 200 residents and 160 staff members were tested. One hundred and four tests came back positive, with the other results still pending.