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these outages could keep happening again and again this winter. is it bearable? translation: it's impossible to live in the city _ without electricity and water, the radiators doesn't work, the water is cold, it's cold everywhere. only one hope remains, that we will win. we had found her here the night before, in a tent by a main road, one of the many public refuges springing up across ukraine. it's a lifeline for everyday contact, but also emergencies. irena, nine months pregnant, wants to know she can call for help just in case. we come here because we need extra call to 911, for emergencies, because i am pregnant, and after

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for help just in case. we come here because we need extra call to 911, for emergencies, because i am pregnant, and after today, i am... and after today i'm... due? yes, i am due. here there is heat, a chance to work, or play. some just sit in silence. this war could be a long wait. volodymyr and his mother are here to get hot water for his child, who's unwell. olga says the strain of it all is getting to her. translation: it was already very difficult for me, - i used to hold on, but now, my nervous system can't cope with this load. it's so hard. this morning, i could barely get up. winter brings few guarantees, except the cold, and fears russia will keep targeting ukraine's energy system, driving people here to

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The Media Show

i think it was an editorial mistake by the bbc, because as soon as you let a presenter or a reporter paid by the bbc wear some sort of campaigning insignia, however well intentioned, in that case, you open a whole set of precedents about people wearing charity logos or campaigning logos for a whole set of other things. so i think the editors and producers should not have allowed that. i suppose the counter is there are some issues on which there are no two sides, that this is something that someone on air should be able to express. yes, but would you have armbands for iran or cancer or a particular charity? her cause is great and i can entirely see why alex wanted to do it and i agree with her on a personal level. ijust think you can't have, i mean, you at the moment, ros, do not have an arm band supporting anything on this programme. and i think that's right. you are impartial and once you start wearing one armband you can wear any number. and it's not a great editorial idea. and finally to you, ayman, do you have a position on simply when you should fit into sport generally? do you think sport is escapism for all of us and regardless of where it's taking place, then you should stick to where the news belongs and leave the action alone

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Life Liberty Levin

litigation and my being asked by lawyers in pennsylvania case. i walk you in the book through president trump asking me when the texas case of the supreme court if the supreme court took the texas case if i would argue that, i told president trump i would be happy to, i walked them through that day on january 6. where in the days beforehand i worked to assemble a coalition of 11 senators to stand up and object and demand an election commission to examine the es evidence of voter fraud, and trying to keep that coalition together, standing up and objecting and walk through the riot that happened, work to keep senators together, some were getting wobbly, and i walked them through the narrative to understand what happened, if you are at home talking to people about january 6, lleft used wildly politicize term like insurrection, that is political garbage.

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The Eighties

show was like a foot or two off the ground. and you're willing to go with that because it was a whole new spin on a law show. >> uh-uh, tell the truth. if you had to do it all over again and she walked into your office and she said, take my case, would you? >> well -- >> of course you would, because it is juicy, newsy, exciting stuff. >> it was really fun to take the "hill street blues" format and use it to frame an entirely different social and cultural strata with vastly different results. >> i wonder if i might engage with my client privately. >> certainly. >> what are you doing for dinner tonight? >> i was planning on having you. >> in that case, skip lunch. >> the formula had gotten established of how you can do a dramatic show, and yet still have an awful lot of fun. we didn't used to be able to

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American Voices With Alicia Menendez

to treat trump just like they would any other defendant. doing no more or no less prosecutors are compelled by rules about grand jury secrecy, for instance. not to make any revelry comments in that area. but there is something that the doj can do even though really should heed the traditional line of staying away from talking about ongoing investigations while they're in progress. and that is taking advantage of the opportunity to educate the public about what the doj does, and why it does it the way it does it. instead of talking about the substance of a specific case, the doj has opportunities when the special counsel or the attorney general speaks. in many of its various functions, to educate the public about the process. and that i think is what the public is hungry for. the process has to make sense if we are going to ask the public to tolerate delay and tolerate the anxiety about whether or not the former

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The Mehdi Hasan Show

>> hey pamela, good evening to you. some of the stories we are watching, the death toll has risen to at least seven including a newborn and two children following an enormous landslide on an italian island. search teams pulled the body of a young girl from her family home sunday. five people remain missing their. protests against china's stringent covid policies have spread to shanghai and other cities. president xi jinping is facing mounting anger at its zero covid policy and has shut down access to areas throughout china in an attempt to isolate every case. and more than 2500 flights into or out of the united states airports were delayed sunday during the post thanksgiving travel rush. this comes as severe weather, including rain, heavy winds, and snow swept through major cities in the south and then the northeast. more with paola ramos after this break. go for a run. go for 10 runs! run a marathon. instead, start small. with nicorette. which can lead to something big.

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The Mehdi Hasan Show

70s, there had been a big national survey that found that 25 to 35%, about a third of all native children, had been removed from their family and tribes. this was not the first time that federal policy had systematically separated native children from their family. and so, it was kind of like a set of guardrails. when a native child enters foster care or is up for adoption, the law works to keep that child connected to their family and connected to their tribe. >> recently, obviously, it has become a major target for republicans. it has been challenged almost as many times as the affordable care act. and now it has made its way all the way to the supreme court. you have been inside the court during those oral arguments. from what you heard, from what you saw, from what you feel, and do you believe that this is a case that, at its core, is

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The Eighties

>> geraldo rivera takes the power of the talk show to a whole other level, trying to put people on stage who hate each other, who are going to fight -- >> in the case of the temple of set and the church of satan, we have not had any problems with criminal behavior -- >> but yet when you hear story after story after story of people committing these wretched crimes and violent crimes in the devil's name -- >> the more tension there is, the more conflict and violence there is, the more the ratings go up. and the american people love to complain about it, but they also love to watch. >> geraldo rivera is back in a controversy tonight. rivera drew sharp criticism with his recent television special on devil worship. but today he found himself in a real free-for-all. >> i get sick and tired of seeing uncle tom here, sucking up, trying to be a white man -- >> go ahead. go ahead. >> sit down. >> hey, hold it. hold it. >> sit down. >> rivera suffered a broken

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The Mehdi Hasan Show

think so, at least in the case of hispanic voters in florida, especially those of my cuban american descent. it is shameful, it's disgusting, it's hypocritical. again, as you correctly point out, so many cubans came out seeking the same legal process those coming today. yet, there is a huge movement to deny them those. writes i want to endorse maria's points absolutely about the fearmongering. there is no crisis at the border. if anything, what we need to do is highlight again the stunning hypocrisy of the republican party when it comes to how they handle immigration policy. it's best to encapsulate it again by the story of what happened here in florida, my home state, paola, where one week rhonda scent is is shipping in a reprehensible act of human trafficking venezuelan migrants to one part of the united states and literally two weeks later is bringing venezuelan immigrants back to help repair the west coast of florida after the effects of hurricane ian.

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