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i m mehdi hasan. welcome to the show. you could be thinking that republican leader kevin mccarthy adores donald trump. i mean he once said an aide to remove starbucks that he did not like. and these guards mortifying lengths to appease trump s most spoken out supporters today. but but what does the top house republican really think about donald j trump? after news broke of a russian hack on the dnc, mccarthy remark to fellow gop leaders that he believes that vladimir putin pays donald trump. when they laughed he said swear to god. the washington post contain audi of that meeting. he said at the time it was a joke. that s when cars the approaches donald trump. fawning in donald trump s presence. or on the news. as the right went on, mccarthy was furious with trump. telling him to call supportive off in a phone call. but hours later, once it was safe urged congress to return to work, some republicans backed away from trump s election lies. even the spinal caucus lin ....

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Couldn t survive november. so we need to make sure that doesn t happen. and the primary season is a start. is it any wonder that the seat the senate leader was trying to become the senate majority leader for a second time. his super pac announced this week that it will drop 121 million ads for states in competitive races. republicans are focused on switching blue seats in georgia, arizona, nevada. but also playing defense pumping money into pennsylvania, carolina where republicans are entirely. when centrists howick lisa murkowski faces opposition from a trump endorsed trump or. nominations, the very future of this part public. and get control of the summit. mcconnell not only needs to be democrats, but craze sycophants ....

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