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Conseil constitutionnel et passe sanitaire : la guerre du droit aura bien lieu

Julien Bidoux Pérez, élève normalien (ENS Ulm), diplômé de droit public à l’université Panthéon-Sorbonne, explique comment la contestation du passe sanitaire met en exergue une tension entre une régulation politique de la société et une régulation juridique.

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François Saint-Pierre : « Prenons garde à l'accoutumance sécuritaire »

ENTRETIEN. L’avocat dénonce, dans un essai stimulant, la « dérive autoritaire » de l’exécutif durant la crise sanitaire et face à la menace terroriste.

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Les députés français adoptent le nouveau projet de loi antiterroriste en première lecture

L'Assemblée nationale a approuvé, mercredi en première lecture, un nouveau projet de loi visant à renforcer l’arsenal antiterroriste et notamment le contrôle et la surveillance de certains ex-détenus…

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French retroactive solar tariff cuts and the remedies available to developers

French retroactive solar tariff cuts and the remedies available to developers
By Eran Chvika, finance and projects partner, Pinsent Masons LLP
February 2, 2021
France's 2021 Finance Act will impose tariff cuts on 800 such contracts based on tariff decrees published between 2006 and 2010, which the government now considers to be excessive due to the collapse in the price of PV cells. Officials are concerned that developers would otherwise benefit from excessive profitability, with some investments generating margins of more than 20%. The French government expects the measure to save it €350-400 million annually.
France introduced a feed-in tariff (FiT) regime in 2000, designed to accelerate the deployment of renewable energy investments by offering long-term contracts to renewable energy developers. The goal at the time was to offer cost-based compensation to these developers, providing price certainty and helping developers to obtain financing. However, in 2018, the Court of Auditors said that incentives available to the solar industry were too generous as the cost of installing solar panels had since fallen to a quarter of what it had been, prompting the government's decision to partially scale back its support for solar power.

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Austria: Top Court Overturns Headscarf Ban

The case highlights the constitutional restraints that European governments face in regulating political Islam and promoting integration.
"A regulation that only affects a certain group of female students and that remains selective in order to ensure religious and ideological neutrality as well as gender equality misses its regulatory goal and is irrelevant. §43a SchUG therefore violates the principle of equality in connection with the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion." — Austria's Constitutional Court, December 11, 2020.
"The prohibition of the wearing of Islamic headscarves in elementary schools was never intended to be a restriction of religious freedom, but rather as a protective mechanism against sexualization and Islamic oppression of underage children.... Unfortunately, this judgment is a step backwards in terms of civilization." — Leader of the Freedom Party in Upper Austria, Manfred Haimbuchner.

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