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Transcripts For BBCNEWS HARDtalk 20240718

to try to forget about it. you have chosen to write a book, to dig deep into your memories of that chaos, that desperate time. why? there are really two questions that people asked me when i got back from kabul in august 2021. one was, why did any of this happen? why did it happen after a 20 year campaign there, the expenditure of thousands of lives, the expenditure of trillions of dollars? how is it that this came to be back in the control of the taliban? the other question i was asked was just what was it like? what was the human element of this? what was it like dealing with desperate people trying to flee their country, you know, with their lives in a carrier bag? what was it like for the people on the ground? and what was it like for the soldiers who had invested so much for so little over that 20 years? you are very candid about the degree of trauma that you felt and that many of those around you felt. would you say that, sitting here with me now, that trauma is s ....

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Transcripts For FOXNEWS Special Report With Bret Baier 20240718

good evening and welcome to washington, i m john roberts in for bret baier, and breaking tonight, president biden s political crisis deepens, reporting to withhold nearly $100 million and more congressional democrats urge the president to leave the race. they are now 19 news party colleagues on that list. one of them told the president to his face, well come into his ear at least during a conference call. the president will speak at a campaign rally in detroit a minute from now, specifically dearborn where he has a lot of trouble. senior white house correspondent peter doocy starts us out tonight at the white house. good evening, peter. good evening, john, aboard air force one, a biting campaign officials said president biden has been making gaffes for 40 years. he made a couple last night, and he will likely make some more down the line. that is a biden campaign official. the parties ultimate power brokers remain unconvinced as both barack obama and nancy pelosi ke ....

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Transcripts For CNN CNN News Central 20240718

products. we also make proactive urinary tract thanks help product you, cora, is a lyptsi tried today at your when nancy pelosi speaks, democrats listen, but we ll joe biden the former speaker, says the president needs to make a decision about his run for the white house there s just one problem. he s been saying for days. that is minds already made up we re going to see president biden this hour from the nato summit and opening statements today in the matter and slaughtered trial of alec baldwin, he faces up to 18 months in prison the film s armorer has already been found guilty. we re covering every development and two astronauts are talking for the first time about there unexpected time on the international space station. when they could return to earth despite their malfunctioning spacecraft following these major developing stories and many more all coming in right here to cnn news central from hollywood to the halls of congress, growing calls from within ....

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Transcripts For BBCNEWS Sportsday 20240718

capital cities is looking a little bit up and down, sunny spells and scattered showers, not quite as cold as it has been. and that s bbc news at six. now it s time to join our colleagues for the news where you are. goodbye. hello and welcome to sportsday i m olly foster. coming up on the programme. 48 hours to their euro semifinal, have england finally got a spring in their step? france aren t fully firing yet, they ve arrived in munich for their semifinal against the favourites spain tomorrow. here at lourdes, i ve been speaking to england s james anderson as he prepares for his very last test match. and i m chetan pathak live here at wimbledon. it s an eventful day at the championships where alina is wearing a black ribbon to dedicate her when to those killed in an attack on a children s hospital in her home country. it s a very difficult day today for the ukrainian people. applause. the favour now to win a second singles title. evening, we ll get to the all england ....

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Transcripts For BBCNEWS BBC News 20240718

at least 36 people were killed across the country and dozens more wounded. in the latest development ukraine s prosecutor general says he has discussed russia s actions with with the international criminal court. russia has carried out a massive and deadly bombardment of ukrainian cities, a day before a major nato summit begins in washington. according to reports, at least 36 people were killed across the country and dozens more wounded. child patients were moved outside, some even still rigged up to drips. ukraine said a cruise missile was used something russia denies. kyiv s mayor, vitaliy klitschko, called it one of the worst attacks his city has seen since the start of the war. in total, five cities are thought to have been targetted. including president volodymyr zelensky s hometown. earlier vitali klitschko spoke to my colleague lucy hockings. since the start of a full scale invasion, they have launched attacks on cities across ukraine numerous times. it i ....

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