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15 Super-Refreshing Spritzer Recipe Ideas

15 Super-Refreshing Spritzer Recipe Ideas
Sher Castellano
I created this non-alcoholic spritzer that uses a cold brew tea as the base with a bit of honey to sweeten things up naturally. It's the perfect warm weather drink to sip on all day long. I love this sparkling peach drink, too.
Taste of Home Test Kitchen created this non-alcoholic rainbow spritzer with layers of fruit, including strawberry, pineapple, kiwi and blueberries. The fizz comes from a splash of ginger ale!
Vegetarian Ventures created this classic spritz for relaxing all day by the pool. This rosé spritzer recipe uses a few different spirits, some bubbles and fruit notes for lots of layered flavor. Pair a glass with one of these simple homemade snacks.

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