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and if you can imagine the cat 4 hurricane wiped out street signs and you have no numbers on the houses t swimmers are going door to door, going and knocking on doors, and has a crash axe trying to find people in need. want to thank the local first responders out there, the local law enforcement, they were great helping out our guys and patching up the patients and get them the assistance that we needed to hoist them and take them to the local medical facilities. >> the family that you came across, the family of nine people trapped in their bathroom in the center of the house. tell us more about. that how did you get them to safety again? >> yes, sir, we got there, our swimmer went down there and spoke to one of the neighbors and they said that there was a family of nine. they went to the center of the house to try to maximize the safety. and there was six adults and three children trapped in a bathroom, as you can imagine, they are completely, they are completely out of it, scared, our swimmer went down and calmed

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interdiction in the cockpit, and a hijacking, of course, would be the answer. any kind of damaged equipment. blunt trauma, either the crash axe or some other tool or weapon was used and damaged part of the console or the equipment or preferably the bodies of the pilots, you would be able to see that. so that's where you would begin to see if there's damage in the cockpit and if some struggle ensued. >> i know as i mentioned, you worked on twa flight 800. i'm curious if you were there when the families had the ability, or invited to see some of this. i know some of them were actually able to see the seats themselves that their loved ones sat on. were you there for that, and did the families tell you why they wanted to see that? >> i was not there for that at all. the people that i was consulting for, the special agents involved

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