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installed. some railroads are lobbying congress to extend the deadline but that uses gps and other technologies to help the train itself sense when there's something on the track and help it stop. so those two technologies brand new. this train had it. >> it looks as though it helped at least prevent deaths, we know that there are some very serious injury still. i want to talk about the intersection. this is a troubled intersection there have been several crash business our estimation six accidents in seven years. just in june two people died at that very intersection. i want you to listen to what the mayor of the city of oxnard told our jake tapper. i think we have that sound. >> oxnard actually is doing something, jake but it's going to cost $30 million to do it. that is a flyover here at the street. but $30 million is daunting. for a local community. the size of the city of oxnard. >> so the solution as the mayor is saying is elevate the crossings, get them up out of harm's way. but that's not an easy

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