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♪♪ >> live revelation from deep inside the manhattan district attorney's office at the height of investigations into donald trump's finances. msnbc has obtained excerpts of a new book, people versus donald trump, an inside account versus former prosecutor mark pomerantz who quit the da's office in frustration last year when any decision was made to not indict trump at that time. in the book, comrades expresses his relief that quote, donald trump had committed serious crimes and the da's office could present a solid case in court that would lead to a guilty verdict. joining us right now, tim o'brien senior executive editor and host of the crash course podcast at bloomberg opinion. he's also nimbus nbc political analyst and author of the 2005 book, trump nation, the art of being the donald.

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Deadline White House

opinion senior executive editor and host of bloomberg's crash course podcast. lucky for us, they are all msnbc contributors. let me show you former fbi director jim comey on trump aka the mob. >> how strange is it for you to sit here and compare the president to a mob boss? >> very strange. and i don't do it lightly. i am not trying to, by the way, suggest that president trump is out breaking legs and shaking down shopkeepers, but instead what i'm talking about is that leadership culture constantly comes back to me when i think about my experience with the trump administration. >> andrew weissman, people up close and personal to donald trump and something that comes through in the transcripts that have been released by the january 6th select committee, people who interacted with trump describe him the way jim comey and mark pomerantz seem to. you have investigated his inner circle. does that ring true?

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CRASH COURSE #340: Mark Elliott, Unified Points & Tyler Reed (podcast)
Chris Marquart is our resident local Motorsports analyst and is host of Crash Course, The Final Round and The 31st Lap podcasts on
On episode #340 of the Crash Course Podcast we check in with Mark Elliott for a 2021 Unified Points Series preview before catching-up with Missouri driver Tyler Reed. Join Chris Marquart for new live episodes every Monday night at 6:00 PM.

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CRASH COURSE: Shawn McCollum, Wagons arrived (podcast)
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Thanks for stopping by for episode #334 of the Crash Course Podcast on On Monday night, Shawn McCollum joined us to talk about the Young and Wreckless season. RDP dropped an update right before we went live, and host Chris Marquart has been bombarded with questions about guest line up. We will hit on that during the show.

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