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6 Biggest Fat Loss Mistakes Most Women Make

6 Biggest Fat Loss Mistakes Most Women Make. To an extent, green tea is good to boost metabolism, but it cannot melt away all fat.

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12 Switches That Would Make Losing Weight 10 Times Easier

12 Switches That Would Make Losing Weight 10 Times Easier. Without eating right, weight loss will not happen! Not if you eat more, not at all

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How to Break Carb Cravings Once and For All

People who are trying desperately to lose weight often have to fight one common enemy – carb cravings! It sometimes becomes impossible to resist cravings for carb stuff because they trigger the release of “happy chemicals” such as serotonin in the brain and when we are stressed out or plain bored, we tend to reach out for carbs to feel better through the release of such hormones. It would not be wrong to say that carbs tend to put us into a cycle of overeating by raising cravings through the day. However, it’s not a wise idea to completely cut away this major food group from the diet, instead going low carb and eating the right kind of carbs (also called complex carbs) would be a better option to lose weight and get healthy. In fact, in the absence of complex carbs and healthy fats, the body would source its fuel by breaking down protein and lean muscle, and that’s why it’s important to eat the right kind of carbs and cut out all simple and refined carbs. Generally, a large population of people who have difficulty losing weight eat very large portions of refined carbs. In order to shed extra weight, it’s essential down to cut down the percentage of carbs. Carbs should ideally form just 15% of each major meal, while 50% vegetables, 25% protein content, and 10 to 15% fat source should constitute the rest. As we have mentioned earlier, fighting off carbs cravings is not an easy task, however, in this post, we will tell you how to break carb cravings once and for all.

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32 Foolproof Fat Loss Tips

Let’s admit it, weight loss is on everyone’s mind right now, as we step into the New Year with resolutions to get fitter, healthier, and a few pounds lighter. To help you achieve that, we have listed down 32 foolproof fat loss tips so that you don’t have to resort to slimming belts, pills or detox drinks that hardly work. So, let’s start:
1. Follow Weight Loss diets on Rati Beauty App: Lose weight by eating the right kind of food and without starving all through the day. Find out how scores of people have lost oodles of weight by following healthy diet on the Rati Beauty app.

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