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Fire district: Flight instructor, student crash in small plane in Caloosahatchee, no injuries

Fire district: Flight instructor, student crash in small plane in Caloosahatchee, no injuries
Published: July 1, 2021 8:13 PM EDT
Updated: July 1, 2021 11:39 PM EDT
Iona-McGregor Fire District is leading the response to a small plane crash in the Caloosahatchee River south of Cape Coral Bridge Thursday night.
According to Iona-McGregor’s Facebook post, a flight instructor and a student had a mid-air issue, and they pulled the plane’s parachute and landed safely in the water. There were no injuries.
The fire district said Crash Fire Rescue (CFR) was on its way to begin investigating. Iona’s Battalion 70, Engine 75 and Marine 70 all responded to the call.

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you really have no idea, because that wing is so far behind you, you can't see it from the cockpit. so it was reported apparently by some other aircraft. if we are aware of what the situation may be, we'll shut that engine down. fortunately, they weren't airborne. we'd have different procedures then. it looks like the crew did exactly the right thing. probably called for the crash fire rescue folks which you can see in the footage right now that's surrounding the airplane, you know, after the fire. it looks like they only evacuated out of the forward part of the aircraft. but, you know, this is a situation we really don't want to deal with. fires are not fun circumstances. but we would definitely have gone threw a procedure if we got a fire indication in the cockpit. and gone through that check list. and then gone to the -- now looking at the aft end of the wing on the left side, it looks to me like that fire was from

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before i let you go. how long did it take to put out the fire? >> we received the call at 12:34. and the fire was knocked down, it was out by 12:38. we had a response of two minutes. so we were on the scene within two minutes. so within two minutes our crash fire rescue trucks deployed foam and quickly put out that fire. >> it's a pretty unusual event to have a fire like that on the runway, isn't it? >> this is the first one that i can recall. however, i've been involved in training and our firefighters go through training extensively on aircraft fires whether it's engine fires, brake fires, wheel fires, galley fires, it's something that, you know, you have to be proficient in. and, you know, we have a complement of resources there along with technical rescue and hazardous materials teams. so we had a commendable response in a very short amount of time. >> mike, thanks very much for

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