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Grupos de LGBTQ reciben disculpas de DaBaby y se reúnen en alianza

DaBaby y líderes de nueve organizaciones estadounidenses de VIH se reunieron para una conversación privada.

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Kanye West Fumes Over 'Donda' Premature Release, Accuses Label of Blocking DaBaby From Album

Kanye calls out label bosses for allegedly releasing his new studio album without his consent and attempting to block DaBaby from LP, claiming it's a premature release.

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Kanye West Explains Why He Included DaBaby at His 'Donda' Event | DaBaby, Kanye West

Kanye West Explains Why He Included DaBaby at His ‘Donda’ Event Kanye West is explaining a controversial moment that took place at his latest Donda listening event. The 44-year-old rapper outraged fans when he seemingly replaced…

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Kanye West drops much-delayed LP Donda on streaming services

Kanye West has finally released his hotly-anticipated album, 'Donda, featuring Jay-Z in the place on DaBaby on 'Jail' on streaming services.

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Kanye West Appears to Replace Jay-Z With DaBaby on New Donda Song

Kanye West appears to replace Jay-Z on the song, unofficially titled Jail, with a new verse from DaBaby who has been embroiled in controversy lately.

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Kim Kardashian 'Unaware' of DaBaby and Marilyn Manson's Appearances at Kanye West's 'Donda' Event

A source claims that the former 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians' star 'wasn't in the loop at all about what was happening' at her estranged husband's third 'Donda' listening party.

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Kanye West brings Marilyn Manson, DaBaby to listening party

Kim Kardashian also appeared at event in a wedding dress

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Kanye West Seemingly Replaces Jay-Z's 'Donda' Verse with DaBaby, Leaving Fans Outraged | DaBaby, Extended, Jay Z, Kanye West

Kanye West Seemingly Replaces Jay-Z’s ‘Donda’ Verse with DaBaby, Leaving Fans Outraged Kanye West is sparking outrage on social media due to multiple things that happened during his latest Donda listening event. The 44-year-old rapper hosted the…

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Kanye West Criticized for Including Marilyn Manson, DaBaby at 'Donda' Event

During one part of the show, West performed in what is thought to be a replica of his childhood home and he was joined on the porch by Manson and DaBaby.

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DaniLeigh Proudly Flaunts Postpartum Body One Week After Giving Birth

A few days after her newborn daughter's arrival, the 'Yellow Bone' songstress displays her post-baby figure while dancing in a striped nursing bra and black baggy pants.

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Is DaBaby Quitting HipHop? Canceled Rapper Jokes About Becoming R&B Singer

"They done canceled yo daddy twin," DaBaby said on Instagram

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Egy homofób rappert épp látványosan kivet magából az amerikai zeneipar

Maga ellen haragította az internet jelentős részét és az LMBTQ-közösséget DaBaby amerikai rapper, aki egy fellépésén homofób monológgal lepte meg a közönséget.

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It's a rappers delight to play at Lollapalooza

It's a rappers delight to play at Lollapalooza by Jerry Nunn

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50 Cent Compares DaBaby Being Canceled to Chris Brown

50 Cent thinks DaBaby will bounce back like Chris Brown following DaBaby's recent homophobic controversy.

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Nick Cannon Insists DaBaby Should Be Educated Instead of Canceled for His Homophobic Rant

Speaking on 'The Breakfast Club', the former host of 'America's Got Talent' urges people to educate the 'Red Light Green Light' spitter about the LGBTQ community as the rapper has apologized.

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Miley Cyrus wants to help educate DaBaby on the LGBT community

Miley Cyrus wants to help DaBaby be more “understanding” following his homophobic comments at Rolling Loud festival, as she said she doesn't think he should be "cancelled".

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