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What's in a candle?

Jewish academic and Hebrew scholar Irene Lancaster reflects on Chanukah and the symbolism of the candle.

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BATTICALOA, Sri Lanka -- As the sun sizzled over small, run-down houses in the eastern Sri Lankan town of Batticaloa, a 35-year-old mother struggled t

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From darkness to light: thoughts on Genesis and Jacob

Jewish academic and Hebrew scholar Irene Lancaster reflects on the meaning of darkness in Genesis and why there is always hope no matter how dark things get.

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Heart of darkness

Is humanity’s innate nature good or evil? Would we, without thinking, give our hand to someone who has fallen and raise them up, or would we keep walking or worse still, push them back down. This has been a subject that academics and philosophers alike have been pondering for centuries.

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Malaysians urged to take part in '11 Minutes for You, Palestine' on Nov 11

KUALA LUMPUR: All Malaysians are invited to come together in solidarity and participate in the "11 Minutes for You, Palestine" campaign on Nov 11 (Saturday) from 9pm to 9.11pm.

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Clocks set to 'fall back' Sunday as daylight savings time ends for most Canadians

Daylight time, which allows people to enjoy an extra hour of daylight at the end of the day, ends tomorrow morning and transitions to standard time in most provinces and territories

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Portia Zvavahera: When paintings are dreams

Riason Naidoo spoke to Portia Zvavahera about her solo exhibition at Stevenson Cape Town earlier this year.

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Storm Ciarán whips Western Europe, blowing record winds in France leaving millions without power

Recording-breaking winds in France and across much of Western Europe left at least seven people dead and injured others as Storm Ciarán swept through the...

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In times of darkness, follow Josiah's example

The odds were stacked heavily against Josiah, just as they now appear heavily stacked against those who seek to uphold and follow the ways of God. But the odds didn’t matter to Josiah. The only thing that mattered was the will of God.

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