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Why COVID boosters weren't tweaked to better match variants

Studies show an extra dose of the original formulas revs up virus-fighting antibodies that fend off infection, including antibodies that target delta.

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Covid-19 Delta variant first found in India, spreads to United Kingdom and Australia | India News

India News: NEW DELHI: The Delta variant of Covid-19 which first appeared in India has now been detected in the United Kingdom as well as Australia with both coun.

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>> there's a fresh warning about the impact the delta variant covid-19 might have on the united states. it's not good. former fda chief scott gottlieb said the variant was detected in india is more transmissble. it could set off another spike in cases this fall, he said. >> right now in the united states, it's about 10% of infections. it's doubling every two weeks. it's probably going to become the dominant strap here in the united states. it doesn't mean we're going see a sharp uptick in infections but it means it's going take over. i think the risk is the fall this could spike a new epidemic heading into the fall. >> and earlier, i spoke with brown university's dean of the school of public health. i began by asking him how concerned he was about the delta variant. >> delta variant wreaked havoc in india, obviously, most people were not vaccinated.

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crane. nba now chris paul and devan booker combining for 71 points winning four games to none. the suns advance to the western conference finals they'll face the jazz or clippers. more bad news for brooklyn and the eastern conference semifinals against milwaukee. kyrie irving rolling his ankle and leaving the game. did not return. the bucs win 107-96 to even their series with the nets. rosemary, back to you. >> thank you. a frightening up in trend is taking off in the u.s. as americans begin flying again. airlines are seeing a big uptick in unruly passengers. cnn's polo sandoval explains. >> reporter: it's shaping up to be a rough summer in the skies. friday atlanta-bound delta airlines flight became the latest to be an interrupted by an unruly passenger. that problem passenger was the airline's own flight attendants flying off duty at the time,

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according to a delta spokesman. witnesses reported he commandeered the aircraft's intercom and told them to prepare to use the oxygen masks. one witness told cnn he feared the worse during the intense encounter. >> people behind me were saying that's bad. it only happens when a plane goes down. i prayed to god ato protect my family. >> reporter: a flight from l.a. to new york was diverted after described by a customer issue on board. on june 4th, a third delta flight, this one from l.a. to nashville forced to make an energy landing after a passenger tried reaching the cockpit door. delta is not alone. american and southwest airlines have been among those subjected to belligerent passengers. in at least one case, physical abuse from troublesome travelers. in may, the head of the federal aviation administration said he's worried as these kinds of

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