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Harvard, MIT, Penn presidents defend actions in combatting antisemitism on campus | Nation and World

In testimony before a House committee, the university leaders said there was a fine line between protecting free speech and allowing protests, while also combatting antisemitism.

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Police: Man who fired shots at officers before Virginia house exploded is dead

The suspect who fired at officers from a duplex in an Arlington, Virginia, neighborhood before the home exploded on Monday night is presumed dead, according to authorities.

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Bad RSV season leaves babies at risk amid antibody shortage

Despite FDA approval, the new RSV antibody, Beyfortus, is in short supply, leaving many infants susceptible to severe respiratory infections.

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White House's urgent call for Ukraine funds hits a grim reality on Capitol Hill

The Biden administration’s dire warning that the US will soon be out of money for Ukraine has run up against a grim reality on Capitol Hill, where some House conservatives have balked at supporting more Ukraine funding and Senate Republicans are insisting on making it part of a broader spending package to include money for Israel, Taiwan and the US Southern border.

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House Speaker Johnson is insisting on sweeping border security changes in a deal for Ukraine aid

“The battle is for the border," Johnson said at a news conference. “We do that first as a top priority, and we’ll take care of these other obligations.”

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MPs to vote on launching study into Speaker Fergus' 'serious error'

MPs will be deciding Wednesday whether House of Commons Speaker Greg Fergus' video in his traditional Speaker's garb that played at a partisan event constitutes a 'serious error of judgment' and merits a committee probe.

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23 Hikers Presumed Dead After Volcano Erupts

23 Hikers Presumed Dead After Volcano Erupts - get the latest breaking news, showbiz & celebrity photos, sport news & rumours, viral videos and top stories from Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday newspapers.

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Netanyahu says Israel must retain control of security in Gaza after the war

The Health Ministry in Hamas-run Gaza said the death toll in the territory since October 7 has surpassed 15,890, with more than 41,000 wounded.

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The decades-long history of the debt ceiling fight

The first fight happened exactly 70 years ago, in 1953, when U.S. debt was about $275 billion. But there's never been an actual default.

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