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DNA solves the mystery of woman killed by dog

DNA solves the mystery of woman killed by dog
AFP, LILLE, France
A pregnant Frenchwoman who died while walking a dog in the woods during a deer hunt was killed by her partner’s dog and not the hunting hounds, prosecutors said on Tuesday.
Elisa Pilarski, 29, lost her life while out walking her partner’s pitbull, Curtis, in Retz forest northeast of Paris in November last year.
She was six months pregnant at the time.
A post-mortem showed that Pilarski died of bleeding after several dog bites to her limbs and head.
Suspicion initially fell on the hunting hounds, but DNA tests and veterinary examinations showed that the “sole involvement” of her partner’s dog in the attack, Amiens prosecutor Eric Boussuge said.

French police focus on pet of pregnant woman mauled to death by dogs

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Last modified on Tue 25 Feb 2020 15.02 EST
A pregnant woman mauled to death by dogs while walking in woods in northern France may have been attacked by her own pet.
The body of Elisa Pilarski, 29, was found covered in bites in a forest near Retz, 55 miles (89 km) north-east of Paris, last November.
A postmortem concluded that Pilarski, who was six months pregnant, bled to death after receiving bites to her arms, legs and head.
The case has caused anguish and controversy in France, with a pack of dogs out with a local hunt initially blamed for the attack. Investigators took DNA and saliva samples from 67 dogs: five belonging to Pilarski and her partner, Christophe Ellul, and 62 from the local Rallye de la Passion hunt.

Boyfriend of pregnant woman mauled to death in France tells how he found her 'bitten all over'

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Pregnant Elisa Pilarski, 29, was mauled to death in a forest near Paris on Saturday
Partner Christophe told how he found her stripped naked and covered in bites 
He blamed pack of 'around 30' deer hunting dogs, which he says were nearby 
Police have taken DNA samples from 67 dogs, including the pet Miss Pilarski was walking at the time, to try and establish which ones were responsible