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where her supporters are hoping france will elect its first female president and first far right president and deliver a political shock that will be felt far and wide: voting is coming to an end the first exit poll could indicate who s ahead we ll bring you all the developments from an election which could change the direction of notjust france but the whole of europe. welcome to paris, where voters here and across the country are deciding on who will next lead them as president. are deciding on who will next the choice between the pro european incumbent emmanuel macron, and the far right leader marine le pen will determine the political priorities of france and its place in the world for the next five years. an exit poll due to be published injust under an hour and a half should give a clear indication of who has won. turnout, which is at 63% so far is down a couple of points on the last election, an indication perhaps of the ambivalence many voters have felt ....

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settled weather continues until about tuesday or wednesday and after that, it goes down hill with a bit of rain but until then it is dry. thanks, tomasz. and that s the bbc news at ten on thursday the 9th of february. for more analysis of the day s main stories, newsnight is beginning on bbc two with kirsty wark. while on bbc one, wejoin colleagues across the nations and regions for the news where you are. from the ten team here, goodnight. hello i m paul scott with all your bbc sports centre update. let s start with football and plans for a european super league have resurfaced. there were protests from fans last year when a number of english and european clubs proposed a break away league. but the move collapsed within 48 hours after an outcry, notjust from fans, but governments and players also. the company that backed the idea originally has now proposed a revamped format, with up to 80 teams competing. joe lynkey reports. april 2021, english football s greatest r ....

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good afternoon and welcome to bbc news. the prime minister is in northern ireland, trying to win support for his new deal on post brexit trading arrangements. rishi sunak says he s confident that the windsor framework, as the new agreement is called, addresses the concerns of the democratic unionist party. and that it removes any sense of a border down the irish sea, which the dup objects to. he said his deal was not about one political party but about what s best for people and communities. the leader of the dup, sirjeffrey donaldson, said the deal represented progress, but he thought there were still issues with it. the brexitjourney has lasted for seven years. borders have moved to the centre, dominating politics here. does everyone hear that? it s about people. but the prime minister thinks he s finally found a solution. at a factory in county antrim, he told people the devolved governments would have a unique economic advantage, with local businesses having full ac ....

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from the end, by layvin kurzawa proved to be the winner for fulham despite a spirited display from their championship opponents. harry wilson and andreas pereira were also on target at the stadium of light. arsenal women are through to the final of the league cup after beating manchester city. the game finished goal less after 90 minutes before stina blackstenius struck in the first period of extra time to seal the win. they ll meet either west ham or chelsea in next months final. meanwhile england goalkeeper mary earps has made the shortlist for women s goalkeeper of the year at the fifa best awards. the manchester united stopper started every game for england as they won the euros last summer and became the first keeper to keep 50 clean sheets in the women s super league. she s made the shortlist alongside chelsea s ann katrin berger and lyon s christiane endler. wales women s head coach gemma grainger has named a 27 player squad for the pinatar cup. defender gemma ev ....

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i m ben brown in the studio our other top stories this hour... as the regulator ofgem lowers the price cap for gas and electricity, there are fresh calls for the government to stop a rise in energy bills in april. a new panorama investigation uncovers evidence that women are being misled and manipulated about abortion by some crisis pregnancy advice centres,in the uk. the first female speaker of the house of commons, betty boothroyd, dies at the age of 93. good afternoon from windsor, where rishi sunak and the eu have struck a new agreement to amend post brexit trading rules with the eu. the prime minister said the deal marked a decisive breakthrough after years of wrangling, allowing smooth, free flowing trade while preserving the belfast agreement, the setttlement which underpins devolved government in northern ireland. mr sunak said the agreement would remove any sense of a border in the irish sea, the chief complaint of unionists who have boycotted stormont in ....

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