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russia launched its invasion into ukraine and the civilian death toll here continues to rise. overnight 8 people were killed in the port city of odesa when russian missiles slammed into a residential block. a mother and her 3-month-old baby among her death and stark reminder of the innocent people stuck in this war and russian troops are reportedly trying to storm a steel plant where more than a thousand ukrainian soldiers and civilians are trapped underground. ukraine s deputy prime minister calling on the united nations to demand ceasefire in order to create humanitarian evacuation routes after humanitarian corridor collapsed earlier today. they ll be a referendum and leave negotiator process. trey: intense fighting continues along the front lines in the eastern part of this country from north and tank battles are reportedly fired. u.s. secretary of state antony blinken and u.s. defense secretary lloyd austin would be visiting the ukrainian capital of kyiv. we are w ....

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Explosion giving to 50% of the countries, what s going to happen when he gives carve-out to 100% of the countries. we are projecting the numbers to go as high as 18,000 and right now we are at 8,000. when that happens we will be pulling out of the resources out of the field and when we pull resources out of the field then cartels will have complete control of our border, more of our children are going the die of overdoses to dangerous drugs like fentanyl which we have already seen in this country. it doesn t make any sense why we are at this situation especially when it is controllable. the fox flight team over the eagle pass border crossing there, it s been a hot spot obviously in recent months. when does this all end, brandon? it doesn t end until this administration is willing to push back against its open border base. that base wants to to happen. it s by design and until this administration is willing to do that, until this administration ....

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