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russia s invasion. meanwhile, intense fighting continuing across ukraine on this orthodox easter sunday. major bombardments in mariupol. ukrainian forces surrounded, and ukraine says a humanitarian corridor expected to open in the besieged city today could not because russia would not guarantee a cease fire. in odesa, new video emerging of a russian missile strike on an apartment building. eight people were killed including a three-month-old baby. and president zelenskyy says he is meeting with top u.s. officials in kyiv today. the secretary of state and secretary of defense. zelenskyy pulling no punches about what he expects from that visit. translator: why is it for leaders to come to us? i will give you a pragmatic answer. because they should not come here with empty hands now. we re waiting not for just presence. we re expecting specific things and specific weapons. let s get to matt rivers who is live for us in kyiv. matt, heavy shelling again today in russi ....

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And that s what s been described as that land bridge. all right. general wesley clark, good to see you. thank you so much. thank you. emanuel macron is projected the winner in today s closely-watched french election. what it could mean for the war in ukraine, and for the white house. we re live in paris with the latest, next. to protect your clothing from damage in the wash. like fadining, stretching and pilling. woolite has a first of its kind d formula that keeps today s fabrics looking g like new. woolite damage and darks defense. i m ben affleck, and i want to thank you for joining me and supporting paralyzed veterans of america. i had st come home from serving over in germany. i had noticed my legs were swelling. next thing i know it was three weeks later, and i was paralyd. i joined the navy to serve my country as a navy seal. while parachuting with my platoon, my parachute didn t open. i broke my neck. it left me paralyzed for the rest of my life. ....

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