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Fauci botched the AIDS epidemic so big pharma could profit. He's doing it again with COVID

In a new video on The Hill’s "Rising," political commentator Kim Iversen analyzes Dr. Anthony Fauci’s support for azidothymidine (AZT) to treat HIV/AIDS and compares it to his current [...]

Source : newschannel5.com

Fauci debunks Minaj's controversial claim about COVID-19 vaccine

Dr. Anthony Fauci debunked a controversial comment made by rapper Nicki Minaj on social media about the COVID-19 vaccine.

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Former FDA Commissioner: Fauci funded gain of function on EVEN DEADLIER MERS-like coronaviruses

Former FDA head and current Pfizer board member Scott Gottlieb reacted to further revelations this week regarding the funding of dangerous gain of function research by Anthony Fauci, noting that [...]

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Fauci supports vaccine mandate for US flights, but travel industry not on board

A vaccine mandate for U.S. air travel is an idea that Dr. Anthony Fauci supports, but the travel industry is not on board.

Source : metro.pr

Fauci cree que 3ra dosis de vacuna contra COVID comenzaría el 20 de septiembre

A la espera del visto bueno de la Administración de Alimentos y Medicamentos (FDA, por sus siglas en ingles)

Source : businessinsider.com

Fauci Says It's a 'Good Idea' to Mandate COVID-19 Vaccine for Students

"We've done this for decades and decades requiring (vaccines for) polio, measles, mumps, rubella, hepatitis," Fauci told CNN's Jake Tapper.

Source : ibtimes.com.au

Fauci Slams Use Of Horse Drug Ivermectin

Dr. Anthony Fauci wants people to stop taking the horse drug ivermectin.

Source : telecinco.es

Anthony Fauci pone fecha al final de la pandemia

El epidemiólogo Anthony Fauci, conocido por ser el portavoz del Gobierno de Estados Unidos durante la crisis del coronavirus, ha vaticinado que, si todo va bien, el final de la pandemia se producirá durante la primera del año 2022.

Source : reuters.com

米、来春までにコロナ制御も ワクチン接種拡大なら=ファウチ氏


Source : reuters.com

如果更多人接种疫苗 美国有望在2022年春季前控制住疫情--福奇

美国国家过敏暨传染病研究所所长福奇(Anthony Fauci)周二称,如果疫苗接种量增加,美国有望在明年初之前控制住疫情。辉瑞疫苗周一获得美国食品药物管理局(FDA)全面批准,未来几周内还有更多潜在的批准。

Source : naturalnews.com

Second Holocaust? CDC covid camps have no plans to allow healthy people to leave

There is a very clear pattern beginning to form with the American government's Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) agenda. We have seen this pattern before, perhaps most recently with World War II [...]

Source : naturalnews.com

Vaccines: What if all the silenced scientists warning against them are right?

Is there anyone on the planet who does not know that the media and Big Tech have sought to control the COVID narrative from the outset? (Article by Patricia McCarthy republished from [...]

Source : telecinco.es

Estados Unidos y la tercera dosis: Fauci no descarta ampliarla a más grupos

Anthony Fauci, el epidemiólogo al frente de la pandemia de coronavirus en Estados Unidos, ha informado que el país norteamericano no descarta ampliar la administración de la tercera dosis de la vacuna a más grupos de población después de que el "refuerzo" quedara aprobado el pasado jueves 12 de agosto para personas "inmunodeprimidas".

Source : dcnews.ro

Bittman vrea să-i facă doza trei de vaccin lui Fauci: Eu, cu mâna mea!

Dan Bittman face noi declarații controversate. 

Source : clickondetroit.com

Fauci: Additional COVID-19 booster shot will be recommended for people with weakened immune systems

Dr. Anthony Fauci says an additional COVID-19 booster shot will be recommended for previously vaccinated people with weakened immune systems.

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