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Sports News Roundup: Norway's Ruud surprises himself by reaching Turin final; Adams feels honoured to captain U.S. at World Cup and more

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Peter Dutton hopes Novak Djokovic 'has regret' over Australian Open debacle after Labor Government overturns visa ban

Opposition Leader Peter Dutton has said the overturning of Novak Djokovic’s ban from Australia is “appropriate” given the “very different” COVID circumstances surrounding the country now.

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Election Night in America

absolutely right. there are just three. but you find other trump counties, republican counties where fetterman overperforms. biden radicals here in the eastern suburbs of pittsburgh. he was the mayor. and so is he is getting here, what's that? almost 30 points. 28 points. joe biden wins it by 20. so a drummer crowding stronghold. you look at the county and it's blue, it's all blue. when you start getting out here, this county is red. it's not like across the street. it suddenly gets blue across the street. this, if you look at the voting precinct, that's where braddock is. john fetterman is closing. in >> that's why it's close. we don't know what's gonna happen. but that's why it's close right now. federer known of course, lieutenant governor in pennsylvania, a known quantity. >> thanks very much. i want to go to kim lie in arizona. kari lake and blake masters. kari lake spoke moments ago. what did she say?

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CBS Evening News With Norah ODonnell

this crisis that we're in. >> reporter: polls are beginning to break in favor of republicans, so the president has spnt the week pushing issues that might resonate with vertz forgiving student loans, and lower gas prices. many democratic candidates in close races tonight want to be seen with the president, including senate candidate tim ryan in ohio, who is trailing republican j.d. vance. >> i'm not relying on chuck schumer or the president or anybody to come in here and boost me or give me money. we're doing it on our own. >> reporter: the president has done most of his campaigning behind closed doors at party fund-raisers, as we will tonight with federer. brendan boyle said candidates shouldn't be avoiding the president given his accomplishments. >> we elected democrats have a damn good record to run on. we shouldn't run away from it. >> reporter: now, while many democrats may be nervous about campaigning with miami beach, they're quite eager to be seen

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The Rachel Maddow Show

states supreme court, to make their decisions, to do its job, has never been lower. in a savory from gala, the only group that trusts the federer -- republicans, democrats, they are below 50%. a new poll by this law school shows that the american public's approval of the supreme court specifically has dropped 26 points in two years. this isn't a popularity contest, this is just a sad tale about people not liking the court. this is a story of our country. if americans do wholesale lose face in the court, what is the consequence of that? how long before we are at risk of this unspeakable thing? in which the american people no longer consent to follow the courts rulings. if we are not going to follow them, what we follow instead? what is the law if courtroom is no longer holds sway because the courts are no longer seen

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Is Switzerland Finally On Its Way To Being Cool?

It may not be Europe's biggest trend setter, but in subtle ways, the land-locked, quadrilingual republic is fashioning a hipper, more confident cultural identity.

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Like Federer's Farewell, Djokovic Wants Biggest Rivals at His Swansong

Novak Djokovic said he wants his biggest rivals to be by his side when he brings the curtain ...

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The Katie Phang Show

the tissue and a hug. maybe both of them several hogs. federer's fearless rival and -- broke down courtside as federal retired from the sport. it was a deeply emotional moment after the two play doubles for his final match at the cup and england. doesn't that give you a warm fuzzy feeling to see rivals and friends say goodbye? copy things up, a moment at the white house that left surreal tinge on flabbergasted, gobsmacked in all of the other british waves you can say the word surprise. take a look. >> proudest korean -- elton found his voice, his voice to help others and help them find their voice. he made history rhyme. it is my great honor, i mean this sincerely, to presents the national humanities to cerro

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Roger Federer Bids Farewell With Doubles Lose In Laver Cup

Federer, playing alongside Rafael Nadal, defeated by Jack Sock, Frances Diafoe in Doubles Match 4.

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