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Fiorella Mannoia in concerto a Foggia: scaletta e info

Tutto esaurito per lo show della cantante in Puglia, che proporrà gli inediti del suo ultimo album “Padroni di niente” e le canzoni più amate del suo repertorio.

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Rai1 vince con Rossi e Mannoia. Discreto esordio della Coppa Italia by Mediaset

Carica di film e di repliche la griglia tv delle giornate più calde di agosto. In evidenza il calcio, tra Coppa Italia e amichevoli, ma presenti anche tante proposte generaliste. Tanti hanno faticato a raggiungere quota 1 milione. Rai 1 vince al venerdì e al sabato

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Fiorella Mannoia, dal padre stuntman al matrimonio a 67 anni con Carlo Di Francesco

Fiorella Mannoia è una delle cantanti più amate dal pubblico . Tanti i successi interpretati in carriera, con brani scritti per lei da...

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Andrea Bocelli and wife Veronica sing romantic duet, dance and kiss in gorgeous video | Music | Entertainment

| UPDATED: 10:11, Sun, Feb 21, 2021
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Andrea's music overflows with romance and soundtracks wedding, proposals and intimate moments worldwide. But the Italian tenor has shared a little of his own beautiful love life during an emotional performance with his own wife. We're used to hearing the opera star's beautiful voice, but not to seeing him dance – and then the besotted couple seal the special moment with a tender kiss at the end. 

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Andrea Bocelli blind: What happened to Andrea Bocelli?

Andrea Bocelli performing on stage (Image: Getty)
After some time, he was diagnosed with congenital glaucoma, when he was just a few months old.
Speaking in a separate interview, Andrea explained how, ultimately, his eyesight problems helped him to turn to music.
He said: "When I was five my mother discovered that the only way to comfort me with my glaucoma was to play classical music on the record player.”
Soon enough, he lost his sight completely when, aged 12, he was in an accident at a football match.
Andrea Bocelli and his son (Image: Getty)
He continued: “As a child I was very lively and uncontrollable, I loved playing football and one day during a match, I was hit violently in the face with a ball on my right eye, the only one which I could see light and colour with.

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Andrea Bocelli sings Hallelujah with Fiorella Mannoia in powerful duet – WATCH

We then asked Bocelli whose idea the duet was and if Virginia had asked to sing with him before.
The star replied: “The initial idea was born from a bit of fun, and then it came to the concert and the song itself with Virginia featured in the setlist.
“Franco Dragone, the director of the live stream, insisted that it be included in the show and judging by the results he was right in entrusting her with such an important part.
"Although Virginia was practically born and raised on stage and behind the scenes, this was her official debut."

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