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captain gary bennett received an mbe for his work for the charity show racism the red card. yet another honour for the brightest new star of tennis. an mbe for the us open champion emma raducanu after what, for her, and for british sport, has been an unforgettable year. andy swiss, bbc news. that's all from sportsday. you can get all of the latest football scores on the bbc sport website with big wins for manchester city and west ham. find website with big wins for manchester city and west ham.— website with big wins for manchester city and west ham. and tottenham as well. hello there. the warmest new year's eve on record has been followed provisionally by the warmest new year's day on record with temperatures in the

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RM vs RS, La Liga 2020/21 Live streaming: How to watch Real Madrid vs Real Sociedad match

Updated Mar 01, 2021 | 17:18 IST
Real Madrid will lock horns with Real Sociedad on matchday 25 of the ongoing La Liga 2020/21 campaign.
Here’s all you need to know about the Real Madrid vs Real Sociedad match in Premier League 2020/21:  |  Photo Credit: AP
Real Madrid will go head-to-head against Real Sociedad on matchday 25 of the ongoing La Liga 2020/21 campaign. The match between the two sides will be played on Tuesday (March 2) at the Estadio Alfredo Di Stefano stadium in Madrid. Real Madrid are currently placed third in the league table with 52 points from 24 matches played. They are on a five-match winning streak and come into this fixture after a 1-0 victory over the Italian side Atalanta on Thursday (February 25) in the UEFA Champions League Round of 16 first leg-tie. 

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obamacare and then hatch it to the country. >> why not say right now which loopholes you're willing to close? >> george, because we want to have this debate in the public. we want to have this debate with congress. >> the president responded -- we'll get to that in just a moment -- but you were tweeting on saturday night because you have nothing else to do, saying -- >> put my daughter to bed. and she was falling off. so i said, i'm going to catch some football scores. >> tweet. right. >> and, of course, it bled into politics. go, 'bama, and people then, why do you love barack obama so much? >> and you talked about how you can't win if you're running scared. and part of running scared is not answering questions. i mean, how can they not answer a question like that? what would be a bad answer to that? would there be some really, really, really rich people who would get upset? i mean, seriously. why can't you talk about a loophole that you would close? just one. one little one. can't you even just say one little one that you might close? must you keep that a secret as well? or do you not even know what's

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